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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ta Da! I made it!
I'm Paul Parrot and I hopped in here because there's no one better than me to present the next Cover. Hold on a sec...

...have to make certain Lin can't escape from the ropes I ensnared her with. (Parrots are much wilier than humans realize.) Can you believe Lin thought SHE could present this next cover without me? Well I soon put her straight!
Wow! Can that girl rant! I'm gonna hafta close the door on her before I continue. Can't hear myself think over her bellowing.
Okay, I'm back. As I said...typed...web-pecked earlier, I am Paul Parrot, Lin's righteous muse. (God she's going put me on bread and water...worse CRACKERS...when she reads this!)

Moving on. Today we are bringing your lucky eyes, the TENTH "A Cover a Day Keeps The Skeptics Away" cover. That means Lin's done NINE without me! That is just SOOOO wrong!

This next cover Tears on a Tranquil Lake, by Marsha Moore stands out as one that needs this happy parrot's feathery touch. It's my element after all, the sea and pirates.

Take a good look at the cover done by Lin's personal art DIETY, Delilah Stephans. What do you see? Okay you'll have to wait or scroll back up to the top. (Maybe I'm not as adept at this as Lin)...I accidently put the cover in the WRONG ignore that for now. I promise we'll get back to the cover.

But if you COULD look a the cover, you'd see...MER-PEOPLE!
Admittedly, I never met any mer-people personally...I like to keep a healthy perch distance away from actual water. (No one taught this wily bird how to do the dog paddle.) Still water, oceans, Jolly Rogers and pirates are my secret forté. My great, great, great, many greats is that...I ran out of counting toes...grandpappy sat on the right shoulder of that most famous pirate, Jean Lafitte...
So pirating is in my blood, and now that I have shown you my credentials, so to speak, awk, let me tell you about Tears on a Tranquil Lake.

Ceil is unknowingly turned into a mermaid by a lonely merman.

Scared, afraid to show herself to humans, who would turn her into a scientific oddity to be studied, dissected, forced to live in captivity forever more, she hides under the nearest pier, wishing with every breath to be human again.

She needs to find that merman who'd turned her world sea-side up.

Entering into her already bizarre world, is her own version of Mr. Jolly Roger, a handsome pirate who sees her splasing around and forces her into his dingy and then back to his ship, The Black Hawk.

Captain Raphael, her deliciously handsome pirate actually saved her. Out there in those cold waters, she would have died.

Ciel is a mermaid, though and has to find Meris, the merman who turned her. What she finds is an amazingly magical unity.

A tropical storm begins to blow. The Black Hawk is in danger.
Ceil must dive deep to avoid the horrible fury of Nature. Will Raphael live? Could Ceil let her mortal die while her memories of the times she'd spent with her savior swirl within her?

Learn more about Marsha Moore and her captivating tale by CLICKING HERE. Leave comments, ask questions. They will be answered, and come back tomorrow as the parade of Covers continues. There is much in store for all of you :>)

~Building The Team To Achieve The Dream~


Ginger Simpson said...
What an awesome job you did, Mr. Parrot. You have a style much like Lin's. :) I think you should adopt a sister with a big chest and call her Dolly Parroton. *lol*
Christine London said...
Is this going to be a triangle with merman and luscious sailor man to be decided between? It sure sounds tantilizing. Great cover. Christine London
Marsha A. Moore said...
VERY COOL!!! I'm so impressed. For a moment I thought you'd read the book, which isn't even released, and then I realized how you took Ciel's character blog and spiced it up with lots of fun! Love it! You're the best! Marsha
Lin said...
Ginger you are SOOO bad! I've already found me a girlfriend, thanks to Jim Hartley, and her name's Priscilla Parrot, Pris for short and she takes some getting used to because she likes swimming in cereal bowls...she thinks the milk will make her feathers silky soft...what can I say...she's as cute as a bug, but delusional. Still I love rubbing beaks...well actually more than that but this is a "G" rated spot.
Lin said...
Thanks Marsha. Glad you liked it...but Christine MAarsha is the one who can answer your question.
Emily Pikkasso said...
Hi Paul, what a great job you did on the interview. And my, my, my does Raphael not look fine! Where did you say the Black Hawk was berthed? Have you let Lin out of her imprisonment yet? I bet she can dial 911 with her toes, you better have an escape route planned.
Lin said...
Paul is having trouble talking because he was right. I just read what the little devil wrote and well he's imprisoned in a bowl of Town House crackers.
Kat said...
I so can't wait for this one to come out. I love stories about mer-people.

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