Lins Fire Brand

Lins Fire Brand

Monday, April 11, 2011



Some think so, but I'm really not. Just long lived, and much like your understanding of the

cat, multi-lived.

My genesis can be traced back through the

annals of time to an era still steeped in


The Unknown.

You have heard SOME of the tales from the days of my advent. You know of




In some ways, you even know a bit about me, but not the facts as they are transcribed upon the

parchment of Time's own records.

I am a rumor, or am I?

I am a myth, but have you not learned that myth is all too often based on fact?

I am the core of all that flames, and the embodiment

of flight. Yes, that is what I am; soaring flames that burn themselves out,

only to rise again.

500 years...that's how long we traverse the ebbing and cresting of mankind's movements towards...


Then I die, only to rise again because I am the


Egypt has

changed since I first spread my wings all those life times ago. Much has drawn my interest in the intervening

centuries and life spans.

Now here I am, nearing the end of this era, when

he happens.

Holding his dead brother he will do anything to bring his brother back or join him.

Why did the

Fates choose this moment to reveal my weary,

fading self to him, and how can I stop him from the course he has decided upon, ensnaring us both in something better left to the Fates?

ASHES by Arlene Webb is coming to you on May 27, 2011 from the

Muse It Hot side of

Muse Publishing, Inc.

Will the Phoenix prevail, or will her weakened state allow the mourning brother to alter their realities, forcing them all into an unknown, far more

dangerous situation than any of them can hope to recover from?

The answers are coming. But until then follow ASHES here at its

Muse Book Store Sale Page, and follow Arlene here at her Muse Author's Page, and her personal blog.

Muse Publishing, Inc is dedicated to bringing you the finest stories, the best authors, and the top-notch quality service that has already earned it 22 top-ten P&E awards in the seven months it has been open to you, our reading public.

Each and every day we at Muse are


Welcome to our dream.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


We know them as capricious, arrogant, petulant and so many other less than savory things.

Kat Holmes has spent most of her life becoming so involved in the Greek Pantheon if Jeopardy asked only questions about them, Kat could bankrupt the show's coffers.

In her series Kat posed a question that seemed topical, given the current state of the world's economy, and from what we know of how the gods stay wealthy, well surely they are feeling the crunch too...right? I mean what peon amongst us can afford to divvy up our meager resources so we can make OFFERINGS to those capricious, arrogant, petulant little wastrels?

The KING of all wastrels, His Zeusness, may make many a woman's tongue want to pant, but let's face it ladies, he's a gigolo who has a pretty impressive throwing arm. (Personally, I think I'd rather avoid his brand of "stinger" but I can understand why women swoon over him...

especially when he struts around like this!

Who amongst us remembers the name of Zeus' poor, long suffering wife?

Now now, let's not start

name calling. You may think of her as a BITCH, but how did you come to that conclusion?

Yep HISTORY and has no one noticed how often history tends to make females all

evil while guys are JUSTIFIED in being the

pricks they are?

What kind of a

MANLY-MAN even if he is a bolt tossing

slouch forces his now EX-WIFE to support his lazy ass? (Can you blame her for being his EX-wife?)

How many centuries of injustice must a woman endure having a whole bunch of new little Zeuser's sitting around the table during high holidays before enough is enough? And yet, the KING sends his ex wife down to earth so he can continue sucking on his bolts on



All those centuries having to hide who you really are behind the veil

of the King's testosterone.

Who would have thought the financial mismanagement of
"y" chromosomes would give the inhabitants of that stellar, far too Zeus controlled realm the keys to

flipping off the past.

And Now take a gander at just a few of the out-of-this-stratosphere HUBBA HUBBA GODDESSES, Kat Holmes is bringing directly to you via her incredibly HOT Gods At Work Series!

Book One brings you

APHRODITE, that sex bomb on a half shell when WORKING UNDER COVERS

releases in June 2011 from


Was I right? IS she a HUBBA HUBBA

Goddess? And now she is HERE walking among us,

on EARTH...working!

What kind of a job do you think

Aphrodite, the Goddess of LOVE, would excel at here amongst us?

You'll just have to get in line and grab Kat Holmes' Book One in her Gods At Work Series, WORKING UNDER COVERS to find out what covers Aphrodite
works under.

<wink, wink>

But I must move on. HUBBA HUBBA GODDESSES continued...

Luckily for you, I KNOW who Kat Holmes devoted Book Two of her Gods At Work series to, and she's way, way up on the Olympian Chain....

Yep Her Majesty Queen of the Gods...of COURSE she kept her

crown even though she divorced that randy

royal hound-dog.

It's HERA! Let's face it, she has to be hot to have Zeus coming back to dip from her

honeypot in between his


If she was

hotter than Hades' background lair then, being

immortal you KNOW she's picked up a few ohms and watts since.

So what do you think would catch the searing interest of the Queen whose lived in the shadows of all those little Zeus's popping up all these millenniums? What kind of a

stud-muffin could entrance

Hera to let down her hair and shake-it-baby?

Well take a look at Hera, the REAL Hera, and guess!

But I can't tell you any more because

THE HEART OF THE QUEEN by Kat Holmes will REALLY clue you in. It comes out from

MUSE IT HOT PUBLISHING, INC. in August, be ready to get good and crowned.