Lins Fire Brand

Lins Fire Brand

Thursday, August 25, 2011


A glutton.

That is what I am.

Oh not for food...although I DO have a healthy relationship with food and yes, sometimes I like way too much

of things I know I should not let past my



Pilates. I really SHOULD do them!)

No. I'm a glutton for punishment.

Molten Silk

is going to be appearing tonight at

The House of Blues. Going there will be about the same as tossing

salt crystals in an

open wound for me...and yet if I don't go, that'll be even more

suspicious to the regulars.

It's true. I'm a bit of a frequent

fixture at The House of Blues. Sometimes I can be found

hugging a stool with my belly pressed against the bar's rim...other times

sprawled out in a booth, my papers

spread like a giant fan of processed tree pulp before me, working hard while absorbing the ambiant sounds around me.

If I give tonight a pass, I know I will hear it from

the bartender,

bouncer, stage crew, and the

broom boy tomorrow. (They let me stay after everyone else is gone until they are ready to lock up...Like I said, I'm a


Molten Silk, with its hunk sexy lead singer,

Trace Curtis, will be out there, center stage, holding the audience captive with his

libido stroking voice, encouraging over stimulated females to doff their

panties and aim them stage-wise in the hopes one pair will capture the band members interest. Fools!

I am soooo


Trace Curtis!

He'll always be MATTHEW Curtis to her.

Dangerous going there tonight, but like

a moth drawn to the life ending flame, Ophelia found herself at

The House Of Blues

wishing her

heart didn't

skip a beat the moment Matthew...

why did he change his name to Trace...Curtis took the stage.

Could she

disappear into some

secret door, or

alternate reality?

Not that he'd remember her all these years later...despite the circumstance surrounding their past.

Maybe she should just

hi-tail it out of here...


But Ophelia was still there, like usual, after everyone but the club's staff left, and before the band changed out of their stage garb and called out for


Trouble, she really was in so much trouble...but Trace would pass right by her and never even take a first look...right?

A TRACE OF LOVE, cover by Muse Publishing's own Cover Art Goddess

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