Lins Fire Brand

Lins Fire Brand

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


A sexy voice pouring out from lucious lips.

A throbbing phone.

A cougar with a body made for sin.

A hunky guy too young for her good next door.

A daughter in need of tuition to one of those colleges

nobody can really afford but everybody hopes to get accepted at.

A mind creative as anything erotic ever written between steamy covers.

Another mind a few bolts short of sanity. That sexy neighbor a

cop determined to not lose another to the danger...especially his hotter than the

coals of a winter's fire next door neighbor, and you have the short, powerful,

sizzling to the touch story

DANGEROUS VOICE, a really but so
very spicy story by Kat Holmes releasing from the

Muse It Hot side  of Muse It Up Publishing, Inc, before you head out to catch all those sales on
 Black Friday.

No better way to get all excited about the uber sales you'll snatch out there than reading this temperature rising short-short that's wonderfully priced at JUST $2.50

Dangerous Voice...follow this LINK to the Muse Buy Page, and then make sure you treat YOU first before trudging through the

Black Friday masses.

And on behalf of Kat Holmes and all of us at Muse It Up Publishing, Inc.