Lins Fire Brand

Lins Fire Brand

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Creatures Of Halloween

Well, it's officially October. And with October comes Halloween, when all the ghouls and goblins come out to play. We get vampires.

And demented pumpkins.

And for me, it's the vampires. Lets face it, we all love those long-lived, tormented souls who just happen to have really decent teeth, especially fangs. Ok, yes they drink blood. And yes, they could kill you without breaking a sweat. But that's part of the appeal.

They've lived hundreds, sometimes thousands of years. They've seen the world change and fought in more wars than they can count. And most of them are tired and just a little cynical about the world.

After years and years of being alone, doing whatever they want, and developing a deep boredom with the world in general they all of a sudden get kicked upside the head by meeting that one special woman who makes their undead lives worth living again.

I have loved vampire stories since I was a kid. I guess that's why I decided to write my own series about vamps, my rules, my world, my mythology. And I could make anything I want happen with creatures I have been intrigued by for years. Thus the Hekate's Web series was born.

Book one is called Hidden and introduces everyone to my vampire world with its two warring factions. And my heroine is totally kick-ass.:-) I love a woman who can kick a man's backside, especially when he believes he can't be bested.

Hidden released last year from Muse It Up Publishing. And now, the sequel is about to release. Next month to be exact and I am so looking forward to its release. Seeker is Atu's story. He's the top general in the hero vamps army and is the first vampire the king of the vamps ever made.

Atu isn't tormented. He loves being a vampire. In his opinion his life is just perfect. In fact he doesn't believe any woman can ever measure up to the wife he loved before he became undead. Isn't that just the thing guaranteed to make life take a slap at you?:-)

Edeline is nothing like any woman he's ever met and to be honest, he doesn't like her. She's thin, frail, and just a tad spooky. She's not at all what he wants in a woman, or so he thinks. But they've been thrown together on a quest to save the world. And difficult circumstances are just what are often needed to break through personal predjudices.

Edeline is just what Atu needs, but quests always demand high prices. This one will prove to be exceptionally high.

Seeker is releasing in November from Muse It Up Publishing. It's book 2 in the Hekate's Web series and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it. I had a blast with this book.

Saturday, July 20, 2013


BLINDFOLDS PLEASE...If you all are expecting 

Kat and me to get down and dirty blindfolds are going to be REQUIRED EYE WEAR...'Cause like it or not, Kat is STILL my number One Daughter.

That said My Flaming Kitty is here to tout her hotter than the center of a Magma Chamber Vampire Series 

HEKATE'S WEB with book one 

HIDDEN already out here causing temperatures to rise and libidos to boil over, and Book Two 

SEEKER coming in time to melt many a six foot drift this coming late fall.

Since we're talking about MY progeny, 

KAT HOLMES, expert on all things remotely attached to GREEK MYTHOLOGY...(eat your heart out Great Britain's wanna be brain whiz The Beast who doesn't even know the longest river in the world is the NILE not the AMAZON on the ad currently touting him on the Game Show Network)...who has created a vampire world fashioned by the goddess of dark magic and night 

HEKATE...can it get ANY better?

HIDDEN is book one in this series that is going to be the next blockbuster, breakout, GOTTA HAVE vampire series on the horizon. 

I KNOW this because....(drum roll)....I'm 

PSYCHIC!'s absolutely TRUE...I AM!

In fact 

My Psychic name is...oops...can't tell...Names are POWER and I am NOT giving any of mine away...Just trust me...I'm a POWERFUL SOOTHSAYER.

Now that I've taken care of the prognostication part of this, lets get down to business...speaking with my 

Flaming Kitty.

I am TL (Tarting Ladybug, for future Reference here on this posting.)

TL: Welcome to my Blog Flaming Kitty. You know why I wanted you to pop on over and spend some time before your next 

HEKATE'S WEB comes out don't you?

FK: You don't think enough people have popped onto Hekate's and Lilith's bandwagon yet and wanted to get them to get a powerful hankering before we release the second book SEEKER.

TL: Close. I'm not really sure they'll be ready for what Atu is going to put us all through in SEEKER...what a pain in the 

Orb he's seeking he is. As heroes go, a lot of the time I want to polish his shiny noggin with something other than warm kisses.

FK: True. I have to admit I did make him a bit of a prick...or Hekate did. 

TL: Which I think is a good reason to have a strong handle on who 

Lilith is before you dive into SEEKER and the only way to do that is to pick up HIDDEN and devour it from the opening right smack dab to the very end.

FK: Well, I sort of agree with you, but then I wrote it, so am a bit partial to it.

TL: Let's start with why you have Lilith's SOB brother who is a bible beating pain in the patoot getting married in of all places a Pagan themed 

Renaissance Faire?

FK: I figured even a rigid wanna-be monk like him has to have fantasies that could be allowed some latitude given a once in a lifetime event like a wedding. Besides it's my tribute to my brother...your son...who chose to marry his bride all bedecked as Robin Hood to her Maid Maiden a few years ago. I thought it was such a cool wedding theme I socked it away knowing I would use it sooner or later. This just seemed like a good place to break out the knights and chivalry.

TL: Along with the bite of the vampire?

FK: No one ever said life isn't fraught with danger! And let's face it, anywhere a 

spiderweb can form, Hekate can bespell it into her own design.

TL: Once Lilith's bitten though, you don't let her surface and be known to the vampire world for thirty years. Why?

FK: I'm not the one who kept her hidden. 

HEKATE kept her Hidden, and who am I to try explaining the capriciousness of a goddess? Can you imagine explaining Zeus' idiosyncrasies? That'd be like trying to dissect the entire universe and minutely describing every inch of matter and anti-matter to the nearest amoeba. It's going to look at you like you're nuts. 

TL: Are you saying you don't know what Hekate is up to?

FK: I can guess, but that's all it'd be. Just when I THINK I've figured out what she's up to, she throws me a zillion and one curve balls...for instance, 

Lilith is for all intents and purposes a BABY VAMP and yet she seems to be more powerful than the long-in-the-tooth, been-around-since-The-Big-Bang-Vamps, including all the MALE what IS Hekate up to? Damned if I know.

TL: But the vamps aren't the ONLY immortals Hekate's messing with are they?

FK: Hell no! She's got her busy little claws in just about every immortal species and not-so-immortal-kind you can think of. If you don't believe me, take a look at what she does in 

SEEKER!  Although, come-to-think-about-it...Lilith doesn't START out seems to me Hekate mucked with her mortality in HIDDEN dontcha think?

TL: If you had to give a brief suck-nopsis of Hidden what would it be?"

FK: Lonely girl gets bit by vamp, cooks for thirty years, explodes upon world of good and bad vamps, setting both on their quivering fangs letting one and all know things are about to change BIG TIME and Hekate is in the driver's seat.

TL: So SEEKER just is more of the same? 

FK: Hell No AGAIN! Hekate is not your TYPICAL goddess. Lilith doesn't even show her brilliant red head in SEEKER. Nope. In this one Hekate has a mission for the good vamps and Atu, one of the good vamp Generals shows us the good vamps will get as bad as is needed to complete their missions...even if it means kidnapping and forcing the cooperation of others.

TL: You told me there's some kind of a 

scroll and orb involved in this one.

FK: Yep and death. It's got it all. There are going to be times when you want to beat Atu silly, and not in a good way, but in the end...

TL: Yeah in the end...Will we have a better idea what Hekate is up to when we come to the end of 


FK: I really don't know, because I haven't figured out what she's up to. I have some ideas, but she's keeping the direction she's spinning her web in close to her chest.

TL: Has she at least told you what will be the focus of book three?

FK: If she has, she immediately erased it from my conscious memory.

TL: So we're lost at sea?

FK: Of course not. As long as you have 

HIDDEN now and SEEKER on your e-readers when they're out, you can always go back any time you want to and re-read them!

TL: I raised a Smart-Ass!

FK: Yep, you did and you're proud of it!

TL: {chuckling} Yeah I am. Well there you have it. 


HEKATE'S WEB SERIES available RIGHT NOW and SEEKER...BOOK TWO coming out this fall. You KNOW you want them!

Come back often for updates on the ongoing saga of 



Tuesday, May 21, 2013

INSATIABLE HUNGER by Suzannah Safi...BURNS the waterways of the world


Journalism is usually a ROUTINE job...and that's exactly what Jewel Hendersen had come to when she was offered the chance to hop aboard a

cruise ship sailing in the exotic islands of Greece to interview a chart busting Rock and Roller, NATURALLY she JUMPED.

Sultry breezes, luscious scents, and the Magic of the ship rocking ever so gently on the crests and dips in the tranquil sea make Jewel's body sway deliriously as she anticipates the nights of pleasure ahead.

Uh OH! Somewhere on her way towards Athens, Jewel's scampered onto the WRONG SHIP.

Now in the normal course of things at worse that would be an

Uh Oh moment she would be able to laugh about in the years to come as she sat, a contented old lady, in her rocking chair, knitting

her great-grand babies booties...but of course

the Fates, those wickedly capricious witches had her make the biggest mistake of her until now, placid life.

How does a reasonably intelligent woman board a ship filled, stem to stern with...



How did she go from boarding a ship with the intention of interviewing Mr. "I'm Going To Rock the World's Roll," to the King of the Vrykolakas and his band of scorn filled subjects?

Draven's nostrils flared and twitched madly. Her blood reaches out to him no matter where on the ship he may be...sweet, tangy, and demanding he take a sip or ten of her INSATIABLE BLOOD.

The King is FURIOUS! She's nothing more than a stow-a-way, and he King Lykourgos, is concerned. The death sentence is his decree, and rightly how come Draven, who has little liking for anything smacking of pesky and inferior human, is struggling against his extraordinary desires to keep her insatiable blood pumping while defying the law of his King and maker?

INSATIABLE HUNGER, written by Suzannah Safi, who ALSO happens to be the creator of the brilliant book cover too, has jumped into the dark fires of the Vampire with breathtaking results.

If you LOVE vampires you are going to ADORE Suzannah Safi's vampires.
Insatiable Hunger is releasing from

Muse It Up Publishing's Hot catalog of reads very soon.

In the meantime you can learn more about this gifted author/artist by checking out her Web, Blog, and Author Page.

Following this BOOK LINK for more on this book...and as always...Come on over to the world of Muse...You'll just love being bitten by the Muse Bug!

Sunday, May 19, 2013


What an amazing marriage...on the one hand you have award winning, multi-published author KAT HOLMES bringing to life Book TWO in her ARTICA LIGHTS SERIES and an artist who surely MUST be on the money are her covers.

Take a look...what do you see when you look at this cover Reflections of Ice by Suzannah Safi, one of the MuseItUp Publishing House's BEST Cover artists?

Now look at the cover for Book One in this series, Frozen.

Both show the cold, snow laden background of a land that lives in perpetual winter...but it's a living, breathing, thriving winter...

...thanks to Tichi the sole god of the whole of Artica. Pretty cool looking dude, don'tcha think? Now, I want you to look at the cover by Suzannah again for

Reflections of Ice and tell me what else you see...that you have to struggle to see in the first cover for

Frozen...Take your time..I'll wait...(Do you want me to hum the theme song for Final Jeopardy? I can...but I can't carry a tune to save my life.)

You're SOOOO right...The Lights...or to be more accurate...the

ARTICA LIGHTS. So what's so special about a bunch of dancing lights Kat Holmes named the whole series after them?

That's part of the magic of this series. She lets us know they have a role, but what is it?

In the cover for FROZEN, we see a man walking in a snow storm, and if you look really carefully, you can see the lights...the lights that may be responsible for whisking him from the Earth we all know and recognize to

ARTICA, a land of strange, stark,

ice formations

and unusual creations...such as these.

How about the palace

of the Queen of All Artica,

Awni...the poor child...her skin is so bitterly cold no one can touch her without dying. IMAGINE how lonely she must be...Here's a clue...remember the

Artica Lights you can ALMOST see in the cover FROZEN...they ARE responsible for bringng Brent to Artica, but for what purpose?

Deep in the cave of the God Tichi,
things are happening..and yes,

The Lights seem to spend a part of their time there...WHY?

Remember Awni cannot be touched...

so cold is her skin...Death is the sentence for even accidently touching her sub zero flesh...there are no exceptions...right?

Book One of The Artica Lights Series...FROZEN.

Book Two of The Artica Lights Series, Reflections of Ice, cover again by Suzannah Safi does not mask The Lights swirling around..does she?

Hmmm...what does that mean? Do the people in the land of Artica now know what The Lights are up to? (I doubt it!)

This is the story of Elric, Queen Awni's surrogate father...

(Tichi is her ACTUAL father but he lives in the

ice cave, remember?)

Elric raised Awni and loves her like his daughter...but when your daughter's the queen of the land, sometimes her mood swings can frustrate the most patient of men, including poor Elric. 

Now imagine, you've had a really trying day with your tempermental daughter/queen...your body aches, your mind is fried...and all you want is to crawl
into your bed and get lost in eons of recuperative slumber....but somebody has it in for you...

WHO? How about those weird lights? You toss a glancing look towards the mirror in your room and nearly have a heart attack.

LIGHTS...UH OH...INSANITY TIME! And who's the girl ALSO reflecting back at you?

Elric is fairly certain The Lights brought Brent to Artica in Book what the devil are they doing dancing in HIS mirror here in Book Two?

REFLECTIONS OF ICE...There's fire in the frigid land of Artica and Elric is about to tip over the edge, getting caught in the swirling passion of The Lights NO ONE understands.

Reflections of Ice, Book Two in Kat Holmes' ingenius Artica Lights Series is available from Muse It Up Publishing Hot Catalog as is

Frozen, Book One.

If you haven't found your way to

Artica yet, trust me you are missing out on a flaming ride that will grab you, enchant you, excite you, and have you begging for your own


Check out Kat's other books by going to her Author's Page at MuseItUp Publishing especially if you're looking for the best in hot, steamy reads.

You can write to Kat Holmes at her E-mail address too, and visit her Web Page and BLOG.

Happy Reading All!