Lins Fire Brand

Lins Fire Brand

Monday, May 23, 2011


I wasn't always

fizzled, but I've always been

Jordan Cade.

I decided early on I had two choices in life, grow up to be a

master criminal, no doubt long dead, or

a cop.

From the time I was little, everyone told me I was

stubborn. I wanted to know the right way things

worked. Ticked my sister off to no end when I'd slip into

the crawl space, latch onto the electric

Christmas Decorations she'd saved all her last year

allowance to buy so I could figure out how they worked.

I admit, looking back, that probably wasn't the

nicest thing to do. I could take them apart, but the putting them back together part, that sorta eluded me.

It was about that time I decided if I really want

to figure out the right way things should be done, I needed to employ my curiosity for something, less electronically entailed.

I remember the actual day I decided being a

cop was the right course for me. I, unlike many of my mates, graduated from

high school and decided to give the local

community college a go. I was pretty sure I'd meet some


babes from out of the hood there.

And I did, but I also met

Professor Wise Owl, this absolutely delightful educator teaching

criminal justice courses. I grabbed one of his expecting an

easy A to meet one of my

Liberal Arts requirements. Within minutes of that first class I knew I was taking every one of

his classes, and had found my major!

Oh I also met my first wife in college. Neat lady, downright beautiful inside and out. I think a part of me will

always love her, but then we do share our exquisite daughter nineteen year old

Nina, now in college herself.

God I feel old.'s the bane of many a cop. The spouses have a really hard time with the threat of danger, and I guess it wears on them.

Never expected to be divorced, or remarried for that matter.

My second wife...I probably shouldn't give myself this out, but the fact is I was on the

rebound, and Dotty saw a

pigeon with a


medical, and a decent enough

place for her to ply her own trades...NOT that I knew she HAD trades. All I knew was she adored my many

investigations that pulled me into the world of


Alas, even

idiots catch on to being

cuckolded. I came home

early from an assignment and found my lovely wife and my frigging landlord 

swinging naked around the bedposts.

Divorced a second time. Life really is a big let down, but nothing compared to investigating a

serial killer who likes seducing

middle aged women before leaving them with a big smile from one ear, down through the

carotid artery and up to the other ear. Finally caught him, but decided I'd dealt with

human puke long enough.

I'm a P.I Now. I get to pick and choose how

dark and dirty I want my investigations to be...until my former

captain came and begged me to do him one last favor.

Some dating service is causing concern.


have been


in, but not coming out.

The owner and

her partner

smell cop.

I'm no longer a cop, and I'm also

single. Who better to infiltrate a

dating service and get the

low down?

I'm not

crazy about this idea. I'm content to come home,

put my feet up, crack open

a beer, scarf a lousy

TV dinner and turn my

eye to the

TV set till I slip into a

comfortable coma.

Still, I can't really say

no, and maybe they'll

recognize me as a cop too and

kick my ass off five minutes after crossing into the

hearts and

dollars domain.

She's Aphrodite, forced by her lazy father Zeus to

come to earth and work among the minions that are no longer tithing as they're supposed to, thanks to this delusional financial crisis they're all whining about.

She's Aphrodite...He doesn't know that...

Goddess of Love? What a better business for her to own than a

dating service. She's damned good at what she does and KNOWS who belongs with whom. Life couldn't be better until...

WORKING UNDER COVERS, by Kat Holmes releasing from Muse It Hot, in June 2011.

Jordan is about to meet the Goddess any red blooded man would long to spend time with.

Women are entering her

dating service and not seen again. Is the the exquisitely beautiful

Ariel Schell behind the disappearance of the women? Is Antoine the equally gorgeous partner the culprit or, is it a worse case scenario? Could one of Ariel's

clients be behind the vanishing of three young women...or could one of her

godly relatives be out to destroy her connection to maintaining the survival of

Mount Olympus?

And why does everything about him tingle when Jordan is anywhere near

Ariel Schell?

Find out what happens when Jordan's

black and white world meets Ariel's

many shades

of magic and

power world.

Will they find the three women
in time, and will they find their own tinglies along the way.


 Kat Holmes,

Cover Art by Muse's very own

Cover Art Goddess,

Delilah K. Stephans, is waiting for you to come on over and check it out.

Follow the Link to Kat's AUTHOR PAGE
Kat's Webite, and her Blog.

Working Under Covers will released by

Muse It Hot Publishing in mere days,

Because at Muse Publishing Inc.,

We are always


Thank you for coming along and joining our dream.