Lins Fire Brand

Lins Fire Brand

Saturday, May 14, 2011


My name is Timp,

and we have met before. Yes, I am THAT Timp, the star and guiding brilliance behind my beloved Pet, Mari Donavan.

Our story as I reported it to

L.J. Holmes IN FROM THE COLD, is about to be released from the

MUSE IT HOT side of


Because of that, and I have a short memory for things I have already shared, I deemed it

wise to come in and refresh ALL our memories. At the end of this I am also going to add the

links to previous postings about my beloved

Mari and our marvelous story so you will be totally

up-to-snuff next month. Don't ever want to be accused of not

cat-fiding enough.

Yeah I amusing play on words. I'm called Timp because I am a bit of

The IMP, and truly live up to my name.

On to Mari...Mari is my adorable one person

adoration party. She gives the best deep body rubs and until very recently I have been the sole recipient of ALL her affection and attention.

We live nicely isolated on our secluded mountain in a rather glorious, space-wise cabin with only one nearby neighbor across the graveled road, Hector.

Hector, before he died, was in his nineties. Mari truly LOVED Hector being in his nineties. In fact she loves ALL men playing the One Way Shuffle with the

Grim Reaper whose idea of seductive undies is strikingly

similar to the pull-ups toddlers wear.

As a cat, who is fastidious about my body's functions, may I just say "ewwww"?

Back to Mari...Mari happily grew

roots here during the past twelve years and even managed to find a way to have an

Internet Business right from her heat generating

laptop. How do I know about the heat generating part? Hey a cat has to keep her butt toasty somehow!

Hector up and died on Mari which really set her into a tailspin...see Hector

willed everything to her, but he rather foolishly assumed she could not manage owning two cabins...Seriously, who did the old coot think was managing

his cabin for him all these years? Yep Mari and her son before he moved away and got married.

Hector placed a caveat in his will that Mari would indeed inherit the sale price of the cabin, but it HAD to be

sold. She could not circumvent the will and just keep it.

(Don't you just love how I know words like "circumvent'? Humans think cats do nothing much but eat, sleep, and fill up the litter box, but truth is our eyes are closed, our whiskers are twitching, but we are LISTENING...and LEARNING. It's not an accident you humans use the term

"smart cat".)

Mari still tried to finagle around Hector's will by demanding the real estate agent not sell to any man not needing those "ewww" inspiring briefs. However, that little snip of an agent, has her own

canniness, that as a cat, I must Mari's friend, I must


She got Mari to sign a

temporary POWER OF ATTORNEY over to her while we were out in the

wild and wooly west of New Mexico for a month when Mari's son got himself

hitched...just in case a quick sale could be made while we were away.

I don't know if that little

wisecracker KNEW ahead of time she had a sale in the wings...being a suspicious thing, I'm leaning on the side she did, but it seemed like the minute we were out of the State, Hector's cabin sold and not to anyone in adult pull-ups.

Take a look at Elliot Blakely.

We return from our western sojourn to HIM! There's trouble brewing...

MAJOR trouble brewing.

I took this picture of Mari glaring our our front window instead of giving me my rightful

body adorations...(I love your new digital image capturing makes us cats photographic GENIUSES!)...but I don't love the escalating snit my Mari is losing herself in.

Let me tell you...things are about to really get intense around here. Mari's threatening to do something that I personally have never heard her say before, so am not exactly sure what it means...except from the tone of her voice, know it

can't be good.

What is she threatening to do?

Jump his bones! Is that like

playing jump rope only using his

skeletal system for the rope?

You all need to get your

hands if your human, finely honed

shivs if your cats, on L.J. Holmes' report of what happens next.

IN FROM THE COLD releases in June 2011.

But before you head on over to the sale page and further detail, let me give you those links I promised you in the very beginning...

First and of course FOREMOST is my ORIGINAL posting. I know a lot of the pictures are the same, but when you've captured the perfect pic, it would be boring to keep trying for it again...

This posting introduces you to ERG, he plays an important role in what is going to happen, so even though he went over to L.J.'s daughter Kat Holmes' blog...everyone is so anxious to make a name for themselves...can you believe it?...You still should check out what he has to say...I guess.

And for a real HOOT, you can go to

Karen Coté's ingenious new animated post, Karen's Chaise Lounge and HEAR L.J. describe Mari's arch-nemesis, Elliot Blakely in her own unique...and trust me it IS unique voice. (While at Karen's site, check out her other talking avatars. I assure you, I keep hitting the replay button on her creations ALL the time.)

Click HERE for the direct sale page at the Muse Bookstore...

Hang on a sec...L.J.'s giving me a message to add...

OH WOW! What a deal...

Between now and the end of May, everyone who leaves a comment gets assigned a number...

a BINGO number. At the end of May, all the numbers will be placed in a

Bingo tumbler and a spinning made. The winning number will win a


PDF copy of

IN FROM THE COLD the very nanosecond it's released. So

leave comments. It's that easy...and

Good Luck!

This is Timp signing off and going to pester Mari to give me some recently imported French Kitty

Bifteck...for those of you who don't know French cuisine words, that's STEAK! Ooooh my chops are already licking. =^..^=

For all who are having trouble leaving comments, if you wish to participate in the give-away, e-mail me offlist at and in the subject write TIMP-CONTEST and I will assign you a number for the drawing.


lionmother said...

Let me be the first to comment here. This is an adorable stationary trailer and I love Timp. Again this looks very intriguing and I will be hoping to win the free copy. If not I'll pop over to the Muse Bookstore and get my own.:)

You are an amazing writer and soon the world will be clamoring for more.

Lin said...

Thank you Barbara. And you have number 1. Technically B1 since I am using Bingo Balls.

Terra Pennington said...

Hey Lin,

Love the cats, and the cover on the book is not bad either. Ok I am being bad the cover is hot to. Cleaning drool off key board.


Andrea I said...

I loved Timp telling about the story. I have just discovered Muse it Up and am very impressed with their offerings.

Lin said...

Terra, it's always wonderful sharing time with you. I didn't want you to miss this chance. Doesn't Dee do smashing covers?

Andrea, welcome. We have a Readers Loop with all kinds of extras our publisher makes available to our readers group. It also lets you get to know us, the people behind the books.

We'd love to have you. Just let me know either here or via my e-mail which by the way is about cats too.


I'm also on Face Book

And Terra, I KNOW you are looking forward to my August release THIS TIME FOREVER. I'm amazed how many people are looking forward to it just so they can have their own copy of that cover...well I'll have a special treat or two concerning that cover towards the middle of July. So stay tuned.

Terra, you're B2 and Andrea you're B3

Oh, and Terra that hunk on the cover of THIS book, is going to be guesting on my daughter Kat's BTR show on June 17th...We are all excited. We'll be putting out reminders to one and all closer to the date. IS Jimmy Thomas. (Hubba Hubba...I'm going to be drooling so much, I'm not sure I'll be able to talk.)

Jim Hartley said...

Sounds intriguing. But did you use every cat picture on the internet for this one? Or did you leave a few cat pictures for anyone else?

Karen Cote said...

These are adorable!!! Oh Lin...thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed that after a full day of trying to meet a deadline...I needed this. You make me smile, my friend. So clever and cute. Hugz to you...Love ya. Karen

Heather Haven said...

What a fun picture blog! I should send you pictures of Ellie and Yulie, so you could use them sometime! They soooo want to be in show biz. But back to the book. Looks like a winner. It's got your paws all over it. Ouch, didn't mean to write that! But if was purrfect.

Jolie said...

I'm really impressed by how fun your posts are. You're very creative. I haven't been to Kat's site, but I'm sure it runs in the family. :)

Lin said...

Thank you All. And Heather, as one cat lover to another, you can never use catisms enough.

Jim, I got more kitty pics, but yeh, I've left a few...only because they didn't fit into the script. Give me time.

Jolie, my daughter interviewed the fireplace and butler from one of my stories, THE PENDULULM SWINGS and from this one, the circuit breaker named ERG.

Lin said...

Karen, knowing I can make your day a little happier means a lot. Glad I can bring a smile to your day, Sweetie.

Kat said...

I already read this back when you were writing it...but I have to say I love the pic of the cat in the litter box and the one of the cat getting the massage. FUNNY!:-) And Jolie, I'm no where near as creative as my Mom. She's the best.

zxcvbnm said...

This makes me want to write a book. I am hereby applying for one of these Stationary Trailers. It may take a while to gather all my wits about me... but by that time maybe the adobe system will be able to settle itself into my computer...

Lin said...

Tanja, what a nice thing to say. These Trailers are my creation although author Ginger Simpson is the one that dubbed them Stationary Trailers. When I first started doing them, I called them COVER BLOGS and dedicated them to the author, Lea, our amazing Publisher, and our Cover Art Goddess, Delilah K. Stephans. They've grown since I did the first one back on July 2, 2010 and taken on a life of their own.

I promise you, when you write a story, you will find your book boasted about right here, but don't you already have some stories out there? Fill me in so I can work one for you and place it on one of my non-Muse dedicated blogs. Let the world have access to your shine.

Just so you don't feel like you've been singled out, the computer my daughter Kat Holmes had prior to this one, would also crash if she tried to load and use Adobe.

For the drawing, you have Bingo Ball B9

Lin said...

Actually, here's the list of assigned Bingo Ball numbers so far:

B1-Barbara E.
B2-Terra Pennington
B4-Jim Hartley
B5-Karen Coté
B6-Heather Haven
B8-Kat (Who will you give it to if you win, I wonder?)

I wish you all the best of luck...and in my heart, I wish you could all be the winner.

J Q Rose said...

Hopping in late here, but just had to add my congrats on this clever, fun blog. I must admit I would not complain if the 90 year old was replaced by this hunk! Sounds like a fun read! Best wishes.

Lin said...


B10 is you. =^..^=

Terra Pennington said...

Hey Lin it is the cover that pulls me in and makes me stop to see what is inside. THIS TIME FOREVER has my name all over it. Got to get a closer look at that cover and the excerpts are yummy.


Rochelle Weber--Author, Editor said...

So you got a Jimmy Thomas cover! Woo Hoo! Acey will have to help me review this next month, or Tinkerbelle since Timp is a he-kitty. She's snoring by the open window right now. I do love your stationary trailers. Hugs, Sweetie!

Pearl said...

What a fun blog! Thoroughly enjoyed perusing it! Great cover by the way Lin!

Ginger Simpson said...

Still trying to feel better...adorable post, as usual. You have a fantastic mind. I loved seeing a pic of Karen...she's such a doll.

Lin said...

Thank you Pearl and Ginger. I am trying new things...don't want to bore you all. I have this nice Bingo game with a tumbler and thought that might make a good...I think the Britush call it a Tumbola? (I love Midsomer Murders and every now and then pcik up some local Midomserisms thank to Chief Inspector Tom Barbnaby.) My Bingo tumbler will be my version of Barnaby's Tumbola...God I hope that's right.

Lin said...

Okay. I just checked. It's TOMBOLA.

booklister said...

Got to love Timp! And great job on the blog. . . . can't wait to see the next one. Super cover and the book sounds even better