Lins Fire Brand

Lins Fire Brand

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Howling at a Victorian Moon

Back before a guy with the absolutely CHARMING name of Thomas Crapper invented the flusing toilet, mankind was forced to find other means of getting rid of...well...stinky stuff...

And this Halloween poem pays homage to such things...

The night was dark,

The sky was blue.

Around the corner,

The shit wagon flew.

It hit a curb, 
A bang was heard,
A man was killed,

By a flying turd.

I stood there broken hearted,

Tried to shit, but only farted. reputation of being a lady of decorum JUST floated out the window along with...well...the stinker...

My best friend throughout grade, middle, and high school and I sat in the back of the late bus one afternoon...bored to tears...challenging each other to be as bizarre as we could...Together we created this and became very popular very quickly with our classmates...Not so much with the adults back then...especially the lunch ladies since we compared the stuff on our lunch trays to what was flying on that wagon.

I have learned our poem really HAS made the rounds. Someone even plagiarized it...badly and without the important last two lines. (Yes, I reported it and it has been removed from the poetry site it was on.)

So to angel's halo isn't really all that pristine you know!