Lins Fire Brand

Lins Fire Brand

Sunday, January 22, 2012



wielded by an expert can be downright

hotter than any toy

powered by that drum pounding bunny we see on the commercials.

Let me explain...the Gods of Mount Olympus have joined us. Okay, admittedly out of

Zeus' necessity in the beginning. He's lazier than a

slug and does not want to give up the luxuries that come with being the King God...but either mankind isn't as gullible, or just can't afford leechy gods any more...given today's economy, or it takes a lot more than some out of control

lightning bolts to convince modern man he's vulnerable to the gods whims.

(Thank you Thomas Alva Edison.)

Whatever the reason...Zeus,

the lazy sod, has ordered his multitude of offspring to get off THEIR clouds and come down here to

earn his keep among us unreliable human descendants.

It started with Aphrodite. Kat Holmes, a built in god divining stick, felt the arrival of the Goddess of Love almost from the second the she stepped from her Half Shell here on Earth.

Being the world renowned documentor that she is, Kat told Aph's story in the first of her Gods At Work Exposé's aptly titled


Aph likes her new life, and now that Hera is free...yes there IS divorce among the exhaulted...of Lord Lazybones, she followed, incorporating her talents as the

Goddess of Childbirth to become an ace midwife...

oh and zero in on a peacock or two meant to ruffle her feathers the right way in


Recently Kat gave us the lowdown on the

Hades of today. Okay, technically Hades, Lord of the Underworld, could tell his slothful brother what mountain to take a flying leap from, but he enjoyed the newfound happiness radiating from his niece Aph, and sister-in-law he joined the queue of immortals with Kat's recent telling of his story he told her to name

IN DEATH'S ARMS. (Are you gals drooling yet? Are you guys panting?)

How do you follow the God of the Underworld?

He's a brother, and not in need of bolstering his old sod of a brother, but, one can find amazing things among the mortals, now that the barrier of godly-superiority is fading, not the least being courage, and yes, something more.


God of the Sea has discovered mortals haven't a clue how greatly therapeutic...and positively erotic water, in the right hands can be...oh my, does Kat tell HIS story well in

CRMSON WATERS. (link coming)

Coming out, in April 2012, you will never look at water the same way again.

Think we can ask the gods to package some of their ooomph? It would be another way of supporting Zeus' malingering


Kat Holmes and

Publishing...together they are correcting the myths and revealing the true god powers...Hubba Hubba...

Oh My!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Book THREE in Kat Holmes' Gods At Work (GAW) Series released from

Muse It Up Publishing, Inc...YESTERDAY...and Hades is now with us in this edition aptly called


For those who do not know the Greek Pantheon, Hades, is the brother of Zeus, and the God of the Underworld. History has portrayed him as this mean-tempered monster with an equally mean spirited

three-headed guard beast Cerberus...okay even with that tall tale, he's one hunk of a god isn't he?

BUT is it the truth?

Think about it...if you're Zeus and you want to cowl the lowly mortals into jumping every time you snarl at them, what better way to accomplish that than turn your admittedly randy offspring into something dark and dangerous.

Kat spent many an hour speaking with the gods and goddesses documented in her (GAW) series, and none more than Hades. After all, we tend to think about Hades pretty much the same way we think about

Lucifer. But I don't see a forked tail or horns sticking out of any of the images of Hades throughout history's recounting do you?

Still, Kat wanted to get it right, rather than relying on the myths passed down over the generations. We all know how notoriously unreliable stories told and retold, via word of mouth can be.

Hades is Aphrodite's uncle. As you may or may not remember, she is the focus of Book One in the (GAW) series,


Forced but King Zeus, like her brothers, sisters, and other immortals, to come to earth and earn a real living now that mankind is not flocking to Zeus' temple with bars of gold, berries, ripe and juicy from the vine, and flanks of mutton, fresh and well carved from a recent hunting foray, Aphrodite, relying on her goddess powers opens up her very own Online Dating Service.

"She loves it here," Hades told Kat, "and is happier than I have ever seen her."

Book Two

HEART OF THE QUEEN tells the TRUTH, the unvarnished, non-Zeus' flavored truth about his ex-wife

Hera, Queen of all the Gods.

"Zeus told everyone she wanted to kill off his byblows out of some overwhelming fits of jealous rage. Hera is one of the sweetest goddesses in any of the many pantheons," Hades told Kat. "How could the goddess of childbirth want to kill off a child, any child? Made absolutely NO sense.

"The divorce freed her to be who she really is, and let her put distance between her and my....uhm...eratic brother. She came to earth, opened up her very own midwifery practice and blossomed beyond belief."

Now it's Hades turn to dispel erroneous rumors about himself.

"I'm actually happy working with the precious and semi-precious minerals and gems that form here in my Underworld. It's an unknown fact that

85% of the world's

finest jewels

came from me. I have a middleman, and he is the face here in your world for my creations." Hades told Kat.

"But when I last visited my former sister-in-law, she seemed so happy, my middle man talked me into throwing a party for the people working for me here at our stores. I didn't want to attend. I couldn't see the purpose of it, but he's been with me a long time and can be a pain in my backend."

Hades showed Kat some photos, digital, Poloroid, tin types, and tapestry creations depicting Hades and his middle man going head to head throughout the generations.

"Finally, just to shut him up and get him back to focusing on what I pay him for, I agreed to attend. He had this wacky idea, I should dress up. Look at me! What do I need to dress up for?"

Kat admitted to me Hades in the skimpiest of garb, or the most

elaborate is more than drool worthy.

"I finally agreed to attend the party. Before I continue, I want you all to know, not all of us are dirt bags. Because I interact so infrequently with living mortals, I'm basically...well...shy, but I know what I like, and I saw what I like coming up the sidewalk and nearly fell off my stool.

"Mortals think all we gods have to do is charm our way into the pants of your women, or hypnotize them into believing they want what we want. I won't lie and say none of my family do this. We're like every family, there's always a few cads, but most of us want to be wanted for who we are, warts and all.

"But we also then have to face the disadvantages of meeting the one we want after one of our randier relations pulled the god con and left the woman hating all gods out of hand."

Kat poked further, and the story Hades revealed is scrupulously documented in her

Muse It Up Publishing release, from the Muse It HOT side,


Hurry on over and get your copy. It is long past time the TRUTH come out...the REAL truth.

And be prepared for the next book FOUR in the (GAW) series,

CRIMSON WATERS, (cover JUST released),

the true story of

Poseidon, releasing in April 2012. Trust me what this immortal can do with water is INCREDIBLE!