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Lins Fire Brand

Monday, January 2, 2012


A NEW SERIES...Excitement, Adventure, Mystery, Magic, Dreams...the swirling mists of the POSSIBLE...if you but believe!

Muse It Hot Publishing offers to one and all a magical carpet ride in the form of a bar, owned by a Genie, lusciously called LACEY'S LAMP BAR.

Lacey isn't your average genie. You cannot rub her lamp and find three wishes awaiting your nearly destitute bank balance...

No Lacey emerges from her Mystical Bottle Lamp, converts it into a bar that awaits, you and you alone knowing you have a wish, a wish so deep within your soul, you may not even realize how much it means to you...but Lacey does.

For the next twelve months Muse It Hot Publishing will bring you twelve souls needing Lacey's

magic to find their way to their deepest desire.

It begins January 6th with the release of

Let It Rain by Arlene Webb...cover by the magnificent and herself magical Muse Cover Art Goddess

Suzannah Safi.

The desert is no place for someone lonely and lost within her own spirit to spend Christmas. Can you imagine Santa decorating cactus with tinsel, bells, and flakes of

Santa Land Snow?

For Blaire, it is her reality now and enough to make an eastern girl, her nine year marriage on Dec. 24th, strewn with the same arid emptiness of the desert sands, to want to

tie one on.

Does he still love her?

There before her wondering eyes is Lacey's Lamp Bar.

The Barmistress, sparkles, her scent cinnamon and nutmeg, her eyes dancing with green and red dots, the colors of Christmas cheer.

Wish, her barmistress challenges her for a chance at her deepest desire.

Does she dare believe in such tomfoolery? And what will happen if she does make the wish only to be disappointed yet again?

One year of magic.

Muse It Hot always brings you, the reader the best...and the Lacey's Lamp Bar Series promises that and so much more.

Tell me, if you could make a wish for a chance at your heart's deepest desire what would it be?

Let It Rain by Arlene Webb is available from Muse It Hot Publishing HERE this coming Friday. Be the first to sign on as a year long fan of the Magical Lacey and her Delicliously Powerful Lamp.


Lin said...

Don't know why this comment did not show up because I received an e-mail telling me it had been posted, but Emily had this to say:

Emily Pikkasso has left a new comment on your post "L.J. HOLMES PRESENTS; THE DEBUT OF LACEY'S LAMP SE...":

And so begins the Lacey's Lamp Bar series. Promising to be HOT HOT HOT, hold on to your panties and remember- be careful what you wish for. :~)


gail roughton branan said...

Sounds wonderful!

Arlene said...

I just happened upon this. Thank you, so much, Lin!!! I love the pictures, the plug for Let it Rain, and the reminder you're such a fantastic friend who supports so many Muse authors.

Anonymous said...

Oooooh... absolutely piqued my interest! And look at that gorgeous cover! :)


Barbara Elsborg said...

Oh that's so clever!!!