Lins Fire Brand

Lins Fire Brand

Sunday, January 22, 2012



wielded by an expert can be downright

hotter than any toy

powered by that drum pounding bunny we see on the commercials.

Let me explain...the Gods of Mount Olympus have joined us. Okay, admittedly out of

Zeus' necessity in the beginning. He's lazier than a

slug and does not want to give up the luxuries that come with being the King God...but either mankind isn't as gullible, or just can't afford leechy gods any more...given today's economy, or it takes a lot more than some out of control

lightning bolts to convince modern man he's vulnerable to the gods whims.

(Thank you Thomas Alva Edison.)

Whatever the reason...Zeus,

the lazy sod, has ordered his multitude of offspring to get off THEIR clouds and come down here to

earn his keep among us unreliable human descendants.

It started with Aphrodite. Kat Holmes, a built in god divining stick, felt the arrival of the Goddess of Love almost from the second the she stepped from her Half Shell here on Earth.

Being the world renowned documentor that she is, Kat told Aph's story in the first of her Gods At Work Exposé's aptly titled


Aph likes her new life, and now that Hera is free...yes there IS divorce among the exhaulted...of Lord Lazybones, she followed, incorporating her talents as the

Goddess of Childbirth to become an ace midwife...

oh and zero in on a peacock or two meant to ruffle her feathers the right way in


Recently Kat gave us the lowdown on the

Hades of today. Okay, technically Hades, Lord of the Underworld, could tell his slothful brother what mountain to take a flying leap from, but he enjoyed the newfound happiness radiating from his niece Aph, and sister-in-law he joined the queue of immortals with Kat's recent telling of his story he told her to name

IN DEATH'S ARMS. (Are you gals drooling yet? Are you guys panting?)

How do you follow the God of the Underworld?

He's a brother, and not in need of bolstering his old sod of a brother, but, one can find amazing things among the mortals, now that the barrier of godly-superiority is fading, not the least being courage, and yes, something more.


God of the Sea has discovered mortals haven't a clue how greatly therapeutic...and positively erotic water, in the right hands can be...oh my, does Kat tell HIS story well in

CRMSON WATERS. (link coming)

Coming out, in April 2012, you will never look at water the same way again.

Think we can ask the gods to package some of their ooomph? It would be another way of supporting Zeus' malingering


Kat Holmes and

Publishing...together they are correcting the myths and revealing the true god powers...Hubba Hubba...

Oh My!


gail roughton branan said...

Zeus needs to get a life! Kat, when are giving him his comeuppance?

Lin said...

She manages to give him some here and there. I promise you, he will not go unscathed.