Lins Fire Brand

Lins Fire Brand

Saturday, May 19, 2012


My name is

Lilith. 30 years. The aching aloneness wears heavily upon me. 30 years of being guarded, controlled, and manipulated by a

water demon who loathes my very existence, and all because I did not see

the web before I crossed into that bathroom...It seems so long ago.

I'm a child in their eyes...the only two aware of my existence now, and I hate it! There must be more, and tonight I mean to finally break free of them and find out.

My name is Benjamin. I have been around for thousands of years, and my accumulated wisdom and power cannot be questioned. It is my job and the duty of my made generals to secure the safety of the few female vampires left. I am smart, I am cunning, and I am thorough. I know where each and every living female vampire is, because they are all cossetted here, under the banner of my determined protection.

My name is Montague...Look at me...Do I look evil to you? Of course not, and yet, I am determined to destroy all Benjamin and his generals hold dear.


Book One in Kat Holmes' brand new vampire epoch sweeping the paranormal world.  Meet the above entities...all appearing as part of The Hekate's Web Series, since its debut from

...and keep your eyes peeled to the Muse It Up Publishing Bookstore and author Kat Holmes' WEBSITE and BLOG for more information about this introduction to the dangerously passionate and strangely intense world of Hekate's Web.

Lilith...Hekate's surprise child, is going to

rock the vampire world!

P.S. Check out Kat Holmes' MuseItUp AUTHOR'S PAGE and her Author's Page to learn what other great stories she has waiting for you.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Meet LILITH from Kat Holmes' HIDDEN

Her name is

LILITH and despite the rigid disdain of her all too, Nose-to-the Biblical Grindstone older brother, she's here to help him celebrate his Ren Faire wedding.

Odd place for a Bible directed person to hold his wedding...but that had given her hope...false hope...he might have relaxed his extreme criticism of her non-traditional beliefs.

Regardless, you'd think he'd be in a nice enough place, heart-wise, to leave her be, but NOOOO!...religion is his stick and he loves beating her with it.

Stepping away from the gloating couple...Nature's call being the reason...she heads for the public restrooms, dancing the jig of one who's held it in too long.

Pushing through the door, antsy as all get out, she does not see, there in the upper right corner, a web unlike any web she'd ever seen before. Once across the threshold, though, the web, Hekate's Web, is going to change her EVERYTHING!

HIDDEN...Book ONE in The Hekate's Web Series by Best Selling Author

Kat Holmes released in June 2012 from the

 Muse It Up Publishing, Inc. world rocking publishing house.

What does the Web have in store for the poor, unsuspecting Lilith?

You are not going to want to miss this me.

keep checking Muse It Up Publishing's Bookstore, Kat Holmes' WEBSITE and  BLOG and feel free to EMAIL Kat Holmes as well.

Stay Tuned here for the first installment while  preparing for more of The Hekate's Web Series, but for now Book One...


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Are you afraid of Webs? You WILL be!

Back in the

old days you heard little of her, and maybe that's why she's been able to do all she's done.

See...I can't deny it...not any more. I just saw it with my own two eyes.

It's a HELLUVA web actually...and not an ordinary web like the ones you'll find in the corners of your rooms.

What makes it different? Perhaps it would be better if I asked, why does a Greek goddess maintain a web? What possible motive could the goddess Hekate have?

And who is her web designed to ensnare?

I'm afraid...very afraid...and  you should be too.

HIDDEN, Book One in the Hekate's Web Series by award winning author

Kat Holmes is coming...(can you hear the music...sounds like a dirge doesn't it? Probably IS a dirge.)...coming from

Muse It Up Publishing  knows how to do erotica, and this is erotica, dark, paranormal erotic and is cming in less than a heartbeat of time...we're talking June 2012...right around the eerie corner.

Will we be ready for what Hekate and Kat Holmes are going to  release?

I don't know about you, but I think the right direction here....maybe...

Except if I run will I ever learn the answer to my question? I WANT, no NEED to find out why Hekate's created one

gigantic web and who, or, <gulp> what does she mean to capture within it?

Stay tuned. I'm on the job, my nose to the proverbial "web-stone", or as close as I dare get to it.