Lins Fire Brand

Lins Fire Brand

Saturday, May 19, 2012


My name is

Lilith. 30 years. The aching aloneness wears heavily upon me. 30 years of being guarded, controlled, and manipulated by a

water demon who loathes my very existence, and all because I did not see

the web before I crossed into that bathroom...It seems so long ago.

I'm a child in their eyes...the only two aware of my existence now, and I hate it! There must be more, and tonight I mean to finally break free of them and find out.

My name is Benjamin. I have been around for thousands of years, and my accumulated wisdom and power cannot be questioned. It is my job and the duty of my made generals to secure the safety of the few female vampires left. I am smart, I am cunning, and I am thorough. I know where each and every living female vampire is, because they are all cossetted here, under the banner of my determined protection.

My name is Montague...Look at me...Do I look evil to you? Of course not, and yet, I am determined to destroy all Benjamin and his generals hold dear.


Book One in Kat Holmes' brand new vampire epoch sweeping the paranormal world.  Meet the above entities...all appearing as part of The Hekate's Web Series, since its debut from

...and keep your eyes peeled to the Muse It Up Publishing Bookstore and author Kat Holmes' WEBSITE and BLOG for more information about this introduction to the dangerously passionate and strangely intense world of Hekate's Web.

Lilith...Hekate's surprise child, is going to

rock the vampire world!

P.S. Check out Kat Holmes' MuseItUp AUTHOR'S PAGE and her Author's Page to learn what other great stories she has waiting for you.

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