Lins Fire Brand

Lins Fire Brand

Monday, May 7, 2012

Meet LILITH from Kat Holmes' HIDDEN

Her name is

LILITH and despite the rigid disdain of her all too, Nose-to-the Biblical Grindstone older brother, she's here to help him celebrate his Ren Faire wedding.

Odd place for a Bible directed person to hold his wedding...but that had given her hope...false hope...he might have relaxed his extreme criticism of her non-traditional beliefs.

Regardless, you'd think he'd be in a nice enough place, heart-wise, to leave her be, but NOOOO!...religion is his stick and he loves beating her with it.

Stepping away from the gloating couple...Nature's call being the reason...she heads for the public restrooms, dancing the jig of one who's held it in too long.

Pushing through the door, antsy as all get out, she does not see, there in the upper right corner, a web unlike any web she'd ever seen before. Once across the threshold, though, the web, Hekate's Web, is going to change her EVERYTHING!

HIDDEN...Book ONE in The Hekate's Web Series by Best Selling Author

Kat Holmes released in June 2012 from the

 Muse It Up Publishing, Inc. world rocking publishing house.

What does the Web have in store for the poor, unsuspecting Lilith?

You are not going to want to miss this me.

keep checking Muse It Up Publishing's Bookstore, Kat Holmes' WEBSITE and  BLOG and feel free to EMAIL Kat Holmes as well.

Stay Tuned here for the first installment while  preparing for more of The Hekate's Web Series, but for now Book One...



Wendy said...

So Lilith meets Hekate. Ancient v modern. Old values v new. But being a goddess Hekate will have the upper hand. I wonder if Lilith can outwit her. Sounds good to me.

Christy McKee said...

I've got to admit, I'm curious about why the very religious brother would not hold his wedding in a church.

Lin said...

I do not have the answer...but can speculate, give Lilith false hope and deck himself out as some hero of old before his simpering Lady Bride.

Wendy, what Kat HAS told me...well I am in awe of how her mind weaves her storylines.

I adore her Artica Lights series with Awni Queen of a land of perpetual ice and her touch, the death sentence to those of her people who disobey the rule of Awni, daughter of Tiche, God of all Artica.

Lin said...

I also love what she HAS told me about this new series. My grandmother was a talented story weaver. I'd sit on the porch at her feet and listen to her regale me with stories from the times of the Cherokee. Kat has inherited her great-grandmother's skills and I am very proud of her.