Lins Fire Brand

Lins Fire Brand

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Poseidon controls the water, and he does it well.

Kat Holmes, author most gifted, spent time visiting with the aquatic Lord of all things wet and cresting, and what she learned will make your toes curl and your love of water increase exponentially.

Crimson Waters, book

FOUR of Kat Holmes' Gods At Works series brings us to the second of Zeus' brothers. (Book Three,

IN DEATHS ARMS, currently available at MUSE IT UP PUBLISHING, brought us Hades, his underworld, and the truth about


Imagine, if you will, what the God of all things H2O-ey can do while wafting through the

Tunnel of Love? Quite an image huh, but I guarantee the story Poseidon gave to Kat goes way beyond what you're imagining.

If Poseidon doesn't like you, he can lure you to towards the water and release that bone shaking monster the

Kraken...will he release it in Crimson Waters?

The Gods At Work Series brings the

Oympic Gods and Goddesses into modern times. Zeus is poor...nobody is leaving him tithings any more given the economy of today's world, and he does not like living beneath his level of comfort.

Having tons of offspring,

he is a randy devil, he determined to send his children here amongst us "mortals" to toil keeping Daddy in his quota of godly pleasures.

Hades and

Poseidon, being his brothers, can thumb their collective noses at the lazy old sod, but Aphrodite, the focus of book one

WORKING UNDER COVERS and Mr. I can't keep it in my pants Zeus' long suffering former wife, Hera, Queen of all the Olympians, and focus of

HEART OF THE QUEEN, book two, found so much happiness here with us mortals, Hades joined his niece and sister-in-law finding his own Happily Ever After.

Now it is Poseidon's turn, rising from his undersea realm to work and play among us..

Poseidon gave Kat Holmes unfethered access to the

current world he lives in, holding back nothing...including the truth about the disappearance of


Oh and one other thing...what Poseidon does with water as a toy of

foreplay will leave you wide-eyed and hotter than an undersea volcano.

Crimson Waters is releasing from

Muse It Up Publishing this coming Friday, April 13th...the best way to spend any

Friday the 13th I can think of.

 Be the first on your block to know Poseidon's deepest, pulse pounding secrets.

(Each of the Gods At Work Series books can stand alone.)