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Lins Fire Brand

Friday, January 6, 2012

LJ HOMES PRESENTS: IN DEATH'S ARMS...(or Holiday with Hades)

Christmas and

New Years have just past us...but


the God of the Underworld ventured up very recently for another holiday...and oh what a holiday it turned out to be. (I'm not telling you which one. Don't want to give it away...but you are just gonna LOVE the one he chose.)

What is a poor god supposed to do when he is cajoled into hosting a party for mere mortals, and...curses of all curses...actually has to APPEAR?

He's a god and taking care of the menial tasks are not supposed to fall into his lap...

That's what he has demigods and other underlings for.

So how is it he's, here a mingling, there a mingling, everywhere a mingling-mingling, when he'd much rather be down in his kingdom fashioning the gems of his bountiful earth into breathtaking

works of artistry?

If only that was the worst Hades was going to deal with. When you are the brother of

Zeus and uncle to

Zeus' randier than a herd of bulls with the scent of cows up their noses

offspring, being a god might not be the best claim to fame in your war chest.

How do you convince the vision of your dreams you are NOT like the others when the others get there first?

Book Three in Kat Holmes' Gods at Work series is releasing from

Muse It Hot Publishing right in time to kick off your


New Year's celebration.

AND...lucky us, this is the first of the GAW's that focuses on


Remember the last two? 

In book one:

WORKING UNDER COVERS we were treated to the life and times of APHRODITE, daughter of Zeus. She is sent here among us, to support Daddy-o in the style he's become far too accustomed to after Zeus orders his immortal underlings to fill in for the lack of mortal tithing. No way Zeus can allow such a minor issue as a world-wide recession among the followers change his world.

In book two:

HEART OF THE QUEEN, her majesty the formerly long-suffering and extremely maligned HERA gets to tell her TRUTHFUL spite of her ex-hubby Zeus...and find something Zeus could never give her.

Yep now we have Zeus' brother. Unlike the majority of the gods, Hades is NOT poor, not under the command of his brother, but he hears how happy his niece and former sister-in-law are among the why not come up to earth and share his artistic talents? What he finds proves to be beyond his wildest imagination, but may just destroy his eternity.

Kat Holmes has given us an intriguing spin to the inhabitants of

Mount Olympus. This is book three...with many more to come.

IN DEATH'S ARMS, by multitalented, Best Selling author Kat Holmes, cover by Muse Publishing's

Queen Cover Art Goddess, Delilah K. Stephans, is coming in January 2012. Click HERE to keep track of all COMING SOON info from Muse It Up Publishing, Inc.


gail roughton branan said...

Great preview, darlin'! Kat, I've always had a special fondness for Hades myself.

S.Durham said...

'Zeus' randier than a herd of bulls with the scent of cows up their noses' snicker snicker, very clever Lin!
And congratulations Kat on the release!


Kat said...

LOL thanks Sara.

Me too Gail.:-)