Lins Fire Brand

Lins Fire Brand

Friday, December 16, 2011

Coté Comet More Powerful Than The Sun

I've known since the beginning

Karen Coté, our very own stellar

avatar and amazing new comet,

Coté Comet was stronger than any other entity in the Universe.

Yesterday the Lovejoy comet, a mere pretender, sailed through our

sun's corona and slipped right out, a little thinner...not a diet I'd recommend...but strong and determined to be on its circumventive way.

Well, the Lovejoy Comet, like Halley's is a hiccup of a celestial body compared to The Coté Comet.

I defy Halley or Lovejoy to give us, the hungry public, a story as powerful and/or successful as The Coté Comet's debut, a

Muse It Hot Publication...


All they do is wing their way around the universe collecting dirt and ice,

space surfing on the magnetic and solar winds, accomplishing nothing!

Not our Comet...with the strong support of her

Rock of Gibralter firmly in her corner..(see the hunk in the red shirt behind her at the recent Muse Retreat Booksigning in Montreal, CA)...

her hubby Todd, she is a powerhouse no lone comet can ever duplicate.

The Coté Comet blazes a trail that leaves delicious scorch marks everywhere she goes, including inside those of us who have wisely latched onto the Coté Comet trail from the moment


But our Comet didn't wait around for us to catch up with her sparkling before EROTIC DECEPTION released she was already joining a cast of others to release an amazing anthology one month later, with her contribution aptly entitled...

SEVEN DEADLY SINS inside the Writer's On the Wrong Side of the Road.

Karen Coté,

the core of our Coté Comet IS more powerful than the sun, and I for one am delighted to bask in the tail magic she leaves in her wake.

Way to go Karen.

Unless you've had your head buried

ostrich style, you have checked out

Karen's avatar website. If you haven't, where have you been? You are falling behind, and believe me with The Coté Comet, falling behind is not a good check out

Karen's Website, and Muse Buy Page for EROTIC DECEPTION.

And Karen, long may The Coté Comet soar!


Emily Pikkasso said...

Great post Lin. Karen, love your smile. Wishing you and your family all the best in 2012.


lionmother said...

Lin, you are a one woman marching band when it comes to praise! Karen deserves all of it, though. Having spent a few days with her she is as sweet as her smile conveys. Such a beautiful tribute to our best selling Muse author!

Karen Cote said...

Lin! You are just too much my sweet friend. This is fantasatic and I love you so much for thinking of me. What a wonderful surprise to see this. You are amazing. Thank you. You just always leave me speechless.

Karen Cote said... must have posted at the same time I did, LOL. Your words warm my heart. Thank you and I feel the same about you.

M. L. Archer said...

Lin, I must agree with lionmother! You're a pat on the back expert!

Congratulations, Karen on your well-deserved success!!

Lin said...

When I saw all the hoopla over the Lovejoy Comet, I just had to counter with a truly spectacular comet...not some inconsequential piece of dirt and ice.