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Lins Fire Brand

Friday, April 8, 2011


She's a goddess.

Of course she is,but she's still a Daddy's girl. Okay that's a BIT of a stretch. She's a daddy's girl because Daddy has a nasty temper when defied, and unlike most daddies, her Daddy in a godly snit, can pretty much destroy

the known universe.

Once upon a time she rose, without an ounce of timidity, from the waters, gloriously naked.  (Aphrodite on a half shell,) Her rich curves and glorious beauty, were perfectly framed by that conch shell. What an entrance that was, and yeah, she surely did do it HER WAY!.

Throughout the many eons since, she's been regaling, and blinding the masses with her exquisite beauty, her wit, oh, and yeah her "love-machine" talents. Face it, everyone wants her to do

love magic upon them, and in all honesty, for her, it's been a pretty neat gig.

But to sort of quote some insignificant, eminiently likeable human along the way, "The Gig Is UP!". 

Daddy's in a snit. Seems he thinks it is time for

HIS pantheon--the gods and goddess for you who have not been keeping up on your "god-history"--to start pulling their financial weight around here;

Mt. Olympus. In lay people's terms, "the gods are broke!"

Daddy doesn't like having to watch his

tetradrachms and

decadrachms. He's used to to tossing a

jaggedly spectacular lightning bolt through the tremulous night sky and make the ground rumble most terrifyingly to remind the pitiful supplicants, {humans} to get to the business of donating all their wordly goods to the Temples. But not any more.

Seems the humans are facing their own financial crises and could care less about the gods and their bottom lines. Humans no longer implore the gods to solve their problems, even though the gods ARE still here and can with a wave of their hands, reduce all of this to rubble.

Many, many, MANY eons have passed since the Almighty Zeus worried about the continuance of his grandeur. If something isn't done NOW, he might just have to hack

his magnificent throne to smithereens JUST for the gold!

To sort of quote another glorious human, and you know who you are, Zeus roared, "OVER MY DEAD IMMORTAL BODY!"

Unwilling to give up his elegance, Zeus called his pantheon before him and decreed...all gods and goddesses must--[gulp]--work--down there--amongst the supplicants, AND without letting those humans know their true identity.

Aphrodite's exquisite eyes bugged. She'd never actually WORKED a day in her do not ask how Well, yeah, she has been actively avoiding her

brother Ares who believes he's in love with her, but then Ares believes he's in love with anything that smells womanly. Despite her mastery at keeping Ares, the GOD OF WAR at arm's length it doesn't pay a single drachma.

Daddy wants the big coins. What will she do? 

Aphrodite has a secret, a secret she is sworn not to tell.

Aphrodite has to work is, ZEUS-DATED! What will she do?

Working Under Covers, Book ONE of the Gods At Work {GAW} series, is

the oracle that has the answers we all seek. What DOES the goddess of love do for a living among the humans?

Modern humans are a mystery to Aphrodite, but one she is about to leap into with both feet. Join her this coming June when Working Under Covers releases from

the Muse It Hot side of Muse Publishing, Inc.

Till then drool with me over the exceptional cover done by Muse's very own goddess,

Cover Art Goddess, Delilah K. Stephans.

Aphrodite has a secret...a subtly wicked secret. Come be a part of its revelation.

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Ginger Simpson said...

Lovely, as usual.

zxcvbnm said...

It's all Greek to me, but one thing I'm sure of - she won't be making tapas in the taverna!

lionmother said...

Lin, I stopped by when you did this the first time, but I didn't leave a comment. Beautiful pictures and the trailer makes me want to read the series. You are such a genius at doing these. I am looking forward to the day I get my cover and you do one for me!!!

Kay Dee Royal said...

I've been looking forward to Kat's Greek God series - love that book cover too.
Lin, you gave enough titilating imagery here to make me definitely want to read the story (grins).
Congratulations Kat...and you too, Lin, for both of your upcoming releases.