Lins Fire Brand

Lins Fire Brand

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Christmas I love Christmas...most years, but this year? How do people enjoy Christmas when they have to spend it alone?

I certainly hadn't planned on being alone, but sometimes even the best plans get tossed by the wayside.

Look at all the beautiful decorations everywhere...

and the families frolicking as the joyous day fast approaches.

Even my college is all decked out in its winter finery. God it looks so beautiful and makes me so sad.

I'm Maddie, and I was planning to spend this Christmas holiday with my Mom, but she's somewhere on the other side of the world, would you believe taking a cruise? And Me? My Christmas spirit...well it's in the I might as well get dressed as a funky elf and work the Christmas Santa throne at our local mall. At least I'll be around families who are actually looking forward to spending Christmas together.

But dammit all, the College all lit up makes me wish...

I'd never seen a male elf up close and personal before, and may I say...Maybe I shouldn't say anything...Oh Hey! Surely he has a mirror in his dressing area, so he has to know an adult male dressed in an elf's costume is hard not to chuckle at. And green and yellow? Who is his fashion coordinator? It clashes horribly with my red and green, traditional elven fare.

Throughout the evening, if I turned my head this way, and only took note of the rich voice, well, Tyler, as he'd introduced himself during my, "I'm trying not to laugh at your ridiculous get-up phase", I found tingles slithering the length of my spine. Not a comfortable feeling to have for a lemon-lime Santa Sprite...

...but then came the end of shift and my first sight of him in human garb!

Oh Wow!!!! Tyler could melt the Arctic Circle with one look from those boyish eyes.

Somehow we made our way, TOGETHER, to the Christmas Caroling contest, and let me tell you...

Tyler was looking better by the moment.

...with the carolers dressed in many assorted garb, I no longer felt that a lemon-lime elf was all that bizarre after all at least not when the elf morphed into the guy standing this close beside me. (hot, hot, super-duper hot)

After the caroling contest concluded, Maddie and Tyler stepped out into a background of mesmerizing snow patterns swirling in a dancing symphony of Nature's design.

The words "BE GOOD TO YOUR ELF" popped into Maddie's mind at the same moment Tyler turned and gently pulled her into his arms for a kiss that detonated with Christmas Magic and warmed up the night.

What will happen? You'll have to wait until Elizabeth Coldwell's novel BE GOOD TO YOUR ELF with the stunning cover by Delilah K. Stephans' Santa's Cover Goddess, becomes available for sale at MUSE IT HOT PUBLISHING on December 1, 2010.

Muse It Publishing and it's Erotic side Muse It Hot, the innovative new Publishing House of Muse Conference Leader Lea Schizas...

...and her partner Marketing Director Litsa Kamateros

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elizabethcoldwell said...
Thanks, Lin - that really made me laugh! I just hope people think my story lives up to your build-up when they finally read it. Look after yourself. Liz xx
Kat said...
I loved this.:-)
Larion aka Larriane Wills said...
can't wait till xmas. lol. great as usual.
Roseanne Dowell said...
Darn, another story I can't wait to read. Beautiful cover as usual. Love the Christmas pictures, Lin, cooled me off on another almost 90degree day.
MuseItUp Publishing said...
What a build up. Always, always love the story behind the story you build. And thank you for the tease about our upcoming surprises for our readers and buyers. Superb!!
Lin said...
When it is as hot as it is, I start my day by checking the weather reports for Montana and Minnesota.I can fantasize that I am shivering in my winter woolies atop the snow crested Montana mountains instead of losing ten pounds of sweat every time I look at the steam rising from the pavement outside my bedroom window. Of course writing about Christmas is another way of chilling through a heat wave too. Ro and Larriane, I am looking forward to the day when I will be writing a script for your covers. However, I do believe, given the problem my poor eyes and mind are having with the actual individual addresses, I am going to have to come up with a different title for this series or fracture my brain into more pieces than Humpty Dumpty. Kat you commented that it's not even August but they're already having Back-to-School commercials on TV...think of them as another way of moving winter closer.

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