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Lins Fire Brand

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Saturday, July 24, 2010


My name is exotic name for a demon, right?
Actually it's Derek Blain...not quite as exotic, and I am, I suppose, what you in the human world would call an enforcer.
This is my partner Max. He's a demon too. Sometimes it takes two of us to carry out our orders because we are the ones who enforce the directives to take out those you humans hope are fantasy creatures, or at the very worst, confined to your movie screens and television's digital optics. If we do our jobs right, you'll go on believing just that.

Right now we are on the trail of a vampire...the human blood sucking kind, that has become notorious for killing just for the fun of it, not that there is a good reason, mind you, for killing, but hey, we move around in the underbelly of the real world, and it's not all that nice a place to be.

We've been chasing this vampire for a bit now, but we know that by the time the sun kiss's the morning's horizon we will have executed our target.

My name is Caroline Montgomery and I need no Demon Killer to execute my pathetic existence. I hate who I am, who I was forced to become. I hate this lust, this screaming ache for blood that burns like an acid in my belly...So stand back Demon Killer. I'll save you from having the weight of my death on your hands.
But Derek sees something in Caroline, turned against her will. She doesn't need to kill for her blood. There are blood banks, bagged blood will allow her to feed and never need to kill again.

Carolyn turns a deaf ear. There is nothing positive about being a vampire and neither Derek or Max are going to convince her otherwise...but then a name...she hears them whisper a name between them...Vampire hearing is powerful strong you know.
Her sire! He's the other vampire Derek and Max are seeking. How she loathes that name; loathes that beast. She could help them destroy the animal who took her world from her...if she chooses life.

Will she choose life and help Derek and Max bring down the hated monster she burns to take her own revenge on? And what surprises does her Maker have in store for them; for nothing is ever simple in the dark underbelly of the world demons move in.

Join Chastity Bush for the answers when her new novel Passion's Bite, cover done by that amazing Muse Cover Goddess Delilah K. Stephans releases on March 1, 2011.

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Rhobin said...
You certainly made me want to read Passion Bites. Good job.
chastitybush said...
Thank you, Lin! You did an amazung job buliding up my book! You are the best!
Lin said...
Glad you like Chastity. And thank you Rhobin.
Larion aka Larriane Wills said...
I almost missed this one. sorry girls. ummmm, and it looks so good.

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