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Lins Fire Brand

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Good Evening. Welcome to my world. My name is Timp and I am the elegant, ever so smart housemate of a cute but all too often confounding blonde...sashay behind me and I'll introduce you...

...Meet Mari. I let Mari think I am her pet. It makes her feel good...but then she's human and humans like to think we, the curvaceous, slumberous, sinuous, and you cannot deny, subtly demanding wiser ones, get you, our smarter housemates to cater to our every need...and Mari caters to mine quite nicely...Boy Howdy Doo, the woman can give deep body rubs that can make the most cranky of felines purr.

She also is easy on the eyes...for a human...and most of the time...smells like heaven...but she's pretty healthy...and not bad for a 50 year old human either.

Long ago Mari moved to this mountain home and turned her cute backside on the world out there...well except for the old guy living in the cabin right across the dirt road. He was eighty something, so she could tolerate him even though he's irascible and something she calls a curmudgeon.

I suppose I should explain that Mari doesn't have a high opinion of MEN. You don't' want me to repeat what she has to say about THOSE creatures...well except for her son, Cole, but that's different. We like him. I'm not sure what makes him different, but I do know Mari doesn't wish a personal visit from the Grim Reaper upon her son the way she does every other man under the age of sixty-five.

This is where the curmudgeon lives. It's small, but he's all by himself and really doesn't need any more room. For years we all lived in reclusive comfort...and hey, I didn't mind being the only recipient of Mari's sensual tendencies. I'm a cat, not an idiot, and my world was filled with peace and joy and all things pleasurable. Then the curmudgeon up and died...okay he was in his nineties, but his death changed everything.

First he willed his all to Mari, but with the stipulation that she put his cabin up for sale. He decided she could not manage two cabins on her own now that her daughter was away at college and her son was out in New Mexico and soon to be married. Mari was fit to be tied. Boy-oh-boy can that woman rant! My ears have never quite recovered from the words that poured out of her mouth as she sat the real estate agent down and put the flea in her ear about who she could NOT sell too...anyone with a functioning prostrate!

I don't know if the worst would have happened had we not had to make the trip out west for Cole's wedding, and Mari had not been talked into signing a temporary power of attorney over to her real estate agent, just in case a sale happened while we were gone, but Mari signed, we went, the sale happened, and when we arrived hone, it was to a done deal.

Now Mari spends a lot of time looking out the window, cursing, talking about doing dire things to the real estate agent and you do not want to hear what she says about HIM...

This is HIM...and he spend an awful lot of time traipsing around in all matter of near undress according to Mari. Months I have had to listen to her complain and give me body rubs that are just a tad too energetic. Month after month...six to be exact...and then my charming, normally unruffled housemate decides she has to get HIM out of her system...How does she plan to do this? Oh Jump his bones and do the deed of course. Men are creatures, she explains, who are driven by IT...whatever IT is, and she is going to force him with her succulent wiles to do IT with her.

IT was intriguing for me to watch...Of course my housemate succeeded in getting him to let her jump his bones after he put up a weak bit of protesting, and they did IT...but as with all good plans it backfired. Getting him out of her system was the plan...three days have passed...her system is not over whatever IT and him together inflict upon her senses...and there's a royal blizzard coming their way...It's going to be a long winter...

IN FROM THE COLD, by L.J. Holmes cover art by the incomparable MUSE IT HOT COVER GODDESS Delilah K. Stephans will be released on June 1, 2011
But before that we have the colossal grand opening of Muse It Up and Muse It Hot Publication...and many surprises that are too big to mention here, but follow on over to Muse and you'll learn plenty.

Here are the first five titles that will burst upon the literay world when Muse IT Up opens it Magificent Publishing Doors.

Muse is the brainchild of Lea Schizas, winner of THE WRITING JUNGLE AWARD for her THE MUSE ONLINE CONFERENCE

You can check L.J. Holmes and IN FROM THE COLD at the Muse It Hot side of the Muse Publishing House at

And you can check out the Muse It Up side here at



Kat said...
Every story is better with a cat. For some reason, I cab't explain why, that cat Timp looks familiar to me. It's a puzzle.:-)
Roseanne Dowell said...
As usual Lin, you spin a yarn that pulls me right in. Marking down another that I have to buy. I was disappointed when t ended. LOL I can't wait to read this.
Larion aka Larriane Wills said...
great cover and looks to be a great--warm--story, but then it's on museithot, is it not? look it coming from the cat's pov
Larion aka Larriane Wills said...
geez, I need to edit everything I write. that's love it coming from the cat's pov, not look it.
Lin said...
Thanks Larriane. Timp felt she was in the best position to describe Mari's state, so I told her to go for it. She loves her mistress but does raise an eye or two over MAri's lamentations.
MuseItUp Publishing said...
Wow, where did you say the shirtless guy lives? hehehehe Another mind-boggling write up to an even better book to read. Love the cover.
Rhobin said...
A cat, a woman and a man snowbound in a mountain cabin. Sounds like hot trouble to me. Good job. Love the cat.
Lin said...
That's our kitty...Kat's and mine. Her REAL name is Spatz and she really IS The

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