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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Sunday, July 18, 2010


Today, Muse It Hot Publishing, is bringing all of us the SEVENTEENTH cover in their gallery of amazing artistic and fictional mastery, and will take us into the lands of Celtic mystery and majesty.

They are the kings...Oak and Holly. Oak rules the summer and Holly, he rules the winter. Two opposites who control the seeds of rebirth and rejuvenation between them in a delicate balance.

Dairmuid is the Oak King...

...and he's the father of the beautiful, but strong willed Dara....and her world is about to be rocked to its very core.

His name is Tinne, the new Oak Court mage, and it's as he walks into Dara's line of vision, as if he walks with the rays of the sun infusing his beauty with a power she cannot deny, that the world shifts. His exquisiteness calls out to Dara...

...and then he sits down at the Royal harp and begins to sing.

Dairmuid feels the electric energy sparking between his daughter and the mage. This cannot be allowed. He orders Dara to stay far from the seductive Tinne; she has responsibilities to him and the Oak Kingdom that no mere mage can help her fulfill.

As much as Dara might want to obey her father, the lure of Tinne is too strong for her to resist. There is only one solution.

Dara agrees to run away with her enchanting Tinne. Choosing the fastest horse in the Oak Kingdom, Tinne, who has his own agenda that Dara does not suspect, races away from the Oak Kingdom...

...heading for the speedy ship he has waiting to carry them far from Dara's Oak World.

What is Tinne really up to?

And could it have anything to do with The Holly King?

The Oak King's Daughter by Emily Pikkasso and due for a January 1, 2011 release from the erotic side of the Muse It Publishing House.

But before that Muse has some surprises in store for one and all. What could they be?
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Keep checking back here for more covers and peeks of what lies beyond the covers as our "event" continues to grow.
At Muse we are:

~Building The Team To Achieve The Dream~


Emily Pikkasso said...
Lin, I love it! Thank you so much. Your first picture of Tinne is priceless. Wouldn't you run away with that man? I would! The imagery is beautiful, I am humbled by your originality. Thanks so much. Dara says she approves as well. Dairmuid is grumbling in his oak tree about errant daughters and untrustworthy mages. Love Emily, Nancy and Dara
Emily Pikkasso said...
Forgot to say, I also love the picture of Dairmuid. You must have caught him on a good day. It reminds me that he has a story to tell as well. I must get to work on that. Emily Dara wants to know how anything about her tree bound father could be remotely interesting. She might be surprised!
Larion aka Larriane Wills said...
if i wasn't interested in reading it before, i am now after seeing those pictures. great work Lin.
Kay Dee said...
Lin, you are a wizard in your own write/rite (smile). I've been so impressed with each and every cover posting. So enjoyable to see the perfect artistry you've selected to compliment your words. Thank you for sharing.
CPG said...
Amazing!!! Can't wait for the release of the actual book, and to read it again and again!
CPG said...
The art work is amazing, as is the story. What a great job. I can not wait for the book to come out so that I can read it again and again! Congrats

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