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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Friday, August 6, 2010


Pain, Tears, Vomit, Relapse: the Realities of Rehab Hit Dumbarton lead singer Colin Dunlow.

The headlines shook the world. Colin Dunlow was THEE pop star icon of today's generation. His fall left many a fan shaken and many of his female worshipers in tears. His comeback was equally electrifying. Look at him? His smile and those sparkling eyes are enough to make women of all ages stuttering slaves to his magnetic personality.

I've done my homework though. Kyle, Colin's manager and long time friend knows Colin may not be as stable as the world hopes...and why?
Her name is Jenna Lindstrom, a California based Jazz singer, who flew to England to join the lineup for the charity event that brought Colin back into the limelight...and yet...rumor has it she is more to the highly energized rock star than a passing talent on the stage. Question is do I dare ask him the BIG question making the rounds?
Standing outside The Royal Albert Hall in London, I am overwhelmed. Am I overcome by the grandeur of this amazing building? Or am I staggered by what could happen to Colin and his rehab if the rumor I heard is true, that Kyle, his manager and long time friend is ALSO taken with the talented and incredibly beautiful Ms. Jenna Lindstrom?
February 1, 2011, Christine London will delve deeply into the many facets of this potential time bomb when Muse It Hot Publishing releases her book, Shadows Steal The Light, cover by the peerless Muse Cover Art Goddess, Delilah K. Stephans.
Ms. London can be reached at her website
Ms. London, here at the recent RWA convention in Florida with Nora Roberts, can also be reached at her own blog by clicking HERE.

And at a recent Barnes and Noble Book signing, she can also be followed on her MY SPACE PAGE.
Shadows Steal the Night, is being published by MUSE IT HOT PUBLISHING, the hot side of the Muse It Up Publishing House...
...where we KNOW how to fire up your heart...
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Roseanne Dowell said...
Sounds like another terrific book. I'm going to be so broke. Lin, another terrific blog. You rock, girl?
Viviane Brentanos said...
Another great post from Lin and tale from Miss London. But - hey - Chris. I reckonise that building? Didn't we go and see another equally charasmatic singer/song-writer there? Viv
Christine London said...
Viv...We did indeed 'meet' at the Royal ALbert Hall--Mister Darren Hayes our 'date'. Amazing coincidence that places Ms London has been keep showing up in her Lin--You have this absoltely right on. You can feel Colin's angst and trepidation. His mamager is quite the ladies man in his own right. Tall, dark and deadly handsome, Kyle is the man behind the scenes for Colin's group, Dumbarton, but hopes to be foremost in the life of his new client, Sultry jazz singer Jenna Lindstrom. Do you suppose it could be the tiniest complication that Jenna hates rock and roll? ;) Thanks for the wonderful blog, Lin. You are the most wonderful literary reporter ever! Regards, Christine London Roseanne--try not to worry about going too broke. I'm sure there are plenty of winning opportunities in the near future to take copies of Muse books 'home' to your very own computer or e-reader screen. Miss Lea has all sorts of opportununities to 'win' up her metaphorical sleeve. ;)
Larion aka Larriane Wills said...
as usual, another great blog. way to go Lin. and the cover, great again. I've read an excerpt. the story sounds great right along with the blog and cover. yeah, all three of you.

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