Lins Fire Brand

Lins Fire Brand

Friday, July 29, 2011


When you are

adored, coddled, approached because of nothing more substantial than your

celebrity you learn early on to be wary. When you are a celebrity because your

pecs and the mold of jeans against your

bulging man muscles sell top of the line everything to subscribers of the magazines only the

rich can afford to purchase, you have to maintain a certain amount of

decorum, and take great care.

But when you are a man attracted to other men, that care increases ten-fold. A scandal that would erupt over a

stud being caught getting hot and bothered with

 a woman is considered acceptable in today's culture, but get caught with an

"in the closet" politico on his knees, the zipper of your leathers open and your lower fire buried inside said politicos mouth...well that can be a

disaster in more ways than I want to contemplate...and yet that is what happened.

My name is Shane Richards and I am the guy your see with my finely tuned six pack all

oiled and glistening from the photo spread inside

GQ for the latest

Armani duds. Some call me a

top model, which I suppose is accurate since I have won the top American Model

strut my stuff parade for two years in a row now.

I recently turned twenty-four, so my claim on that top model position is probably not going to hold out much longer. We models tend to grow old before our time.

Back to the horror of

getting caught literally with my fly wafting in the breeze and that certain politico, who shall remain nameless...I do not "do and tell" minute I have my eyes closed glorying in the delight of lip smacking attention down below when the word

"RAID" rebounded off the club's walls.

What happened next, may I just say has really freaked me out. I have to be imagining it right?

I wear this pendant. I grabbed it uttered my frustration and desire NOT to be caught when the crazy thing began

heating up. Everything went dark and then I am...and this is going to freak you all reading this out too...out in the parking lot, this close to my

motor cycle and escape. Can this pendant be the cause of my escape? If not

how the hell did I get out here?

And perhaps spookiest of all...IF the pendant caused my escape, what does that mean?

MORE THAN A STUD a dark, powerful book about three men Cover done by Muse's multi-talented Cover Art Goddess,

Suzanna Safi and

one pendant, written by hawt Muse Author

Jerry Race is releasing from the

Muse It Hot side of

Muse Publishing, Inc

in August 2011.

Follow Jerry Race on his AUTHORS PAGE and his WEBSITE

And never forget that at Muse we have a motto we all live by and that is...At Muse we are always...

~Building The Team To Achieve the Dream~


Emily Pikkasso said...

Wow, I'm surprised the internet didn't catch fire with this one Lin. Sounds like a great read Jerry. The cover is great.

Congrats to all of you on a job well done.


JerryR said...

AW. thanks Nancy lin does have a way with words

Kayelle Allen said...

What a different way to tell a story. Quite a mash up of ideas and images.