Lins Fire Brand

Lins Fire Brand

Thursday, July 21, 2011


The very

first cover an author receives is always cause for leaping onto your rooftop and

cheering at the top of your lungs.

Karen Coté just joined the ranks of those among us who have walked this way before her.
Her Muse It Hot novel EROTIC DECEPTIONS has been awarded an extremely fine visual accolade from Muse's Very Own Junior Cover Art Goddess,

also known as Muse's Deputy Director of our entire Cover art Department

Suzannah Safi, otherwise known for shining her talented 

beacon upon the

dream visions of our authors stories, bringing them to vibrant visual light.

Now Suzannah shares the pinnacle of our

Muse Pantheon with

Karen Coté herself a dual goddess thanks to her unique approach to sharing not just who she is, but who we all are at

Muse Publishing, Inc.via her incredible author avatars interviews on her website, earning Karen the distinction of being the GODDESS OF MUSE NEWS.

BUT the multi-talented and generous Karen

did not JUST stop there...oh no! She expanded her incredibly ingenious website to

spotlight authors

charities, promising along with her very supportive husband...her own

Prince Charming, Todd, to donate a

dollar for every

comment left on her site making her also


Now she is on the cusp of her first book, EROTIC DECEPTIONS from the
side of Muse Publishing, Inc. bringing her very own

palette of words liberally placed upon the canvas of
e-publishing to us, those who adore her, and those ABOUT to adore her.

I have already done an introduction into the
Camelot world of Karen and Her Prince that doubles as a Stationary Trailer PRE-QUEL to the story Karen Coté and

Muse It Hot Publishing are about to share with the rest of the world.
You do NOT want to miss Karen's Pre-quel Fairy Tale, any more than you are going to want to miss

EROTIC DECEPTIONS when it officially releases from the

 Muse Bookstore in October of 2011

Check Out Karen Coté's AUTHOR PAGE at  and to meet and greet the stars of Karen's book, go to her avatar infused
website and let her introduce you to the playfully alive characters straight from
the pages of her soon to be released


Roseanne Dowell said...

Great tribute and what a HOT cover. Awesome as all the Muse covers are. Congratulations on your cover, Karen and I wish you much success with your book.

Karen Cote said...

Big Kiss to you Ro...having my cover and your warm words just melts my heart. Then there's this...Dearest, lovely, beautiful and giving of a big heart...Lin Holmes who gives blood, sweat and tears to do these things. What she puts into these dedications is humbling. A big thanks to Lea for allowing me to be in the same house with this incredible being. (big thanks to Lea for many things LOL).

Thank you Lin. I love you and Kat so very much. Thank you for being in my life and making this a magnificent and special time. Truly, are one classy lady.

Kat said...

Karen your cover is truly stunning and I am so happy for you. Every cover is like a new treasure to be unwrapped but nothing compares to getting that first one. Way to go.:-)

J Q Rose said...

Now getting the cover confirms Muse It Up will actually be publishing your book very soon! Hooray! Lin, what a fantastic stationary trailer....again! You and Karen are gems in the goddess' tiara shining brightly. Best wishes!!

Karen Cote said...

Kat and JQ...I am so very grateful to have you in my life but mostly in my heart. Thank you for your never ending support and generous words. With Lin as giving as she is in all she does, this is quite special for me.

Thank you...

Arlene said...

Lovely tribute for what promises to be an exceptional story from an amazing friend to so many other authors. Congrats on a striking cover, Karen. Can't wait for October when Erotic Deception will belong to all of us.