Lins Fire Brand

Lins Fire Brand

Friday, July 22, 2011


James once told her if she ever needs him all she has to do is call and he will find her.
Do connections travel on the cosmic storms across the
galaxies in a
universe constantly expanding? And how can you be sure the mental images
flooding one's brain are messages and not wishful memories of
"once upon a time"?
Humans thought many light years ago,
they dominated the universe. They believed, much like their own ancestors did generations earlier when they were certain, 
earth to be the center of the solar system, that humans were the only living organisms of consequence in the huge
girth of the cosmos outside their limited
eight planet solar system.
Time, slavery, and basically
infantile evolutionary thinking proved them wrong when the
OTHERS arrived, screaming the truth,
"Humans are NOT alone." Treated as inferior creatures,
years can pass before another non-broken
human crosses their path.
Capturians, on the other hand, develop a hunger for the sexual exotics of
human passion, claiming it as
their right over these inferior beings. Cross-breeding deaths occur at alarming rates. Genocide by sex...what other weapon do they need?
Caliope and
James meet...she a
rebel forced into servitude at every level to her Capturian enslavers...he the half breed son of Caliope's enslaver, an embarrassing disappointment to his Capturian father.
James, longs for the
nurturing he once had from his mother and the love that can only radiate from a
giving heart. Caliope
brutalized and raped over and over by her captors has forgotten what it feels like to be
held with tenderness.
James risked everything to both
love her and save her.
She needs him now...but can he fulfill his promise? Will he find her? Will he
hear her call out his name?
Kate Lynd's new book NO ORDINARY LOVE, cover by the multi-talented Muse Cover Art Goddess,
Delilah K. Stephans will be releasing from the
Muse It Hot side of
Muse Publishing, Inc. on October 28, 2011.
Until then you can follow Kate Lynd at her Muse It Hot AUTHORS PAGE ,her WEBSITE and her BLOG
 And Remember at Muse Publishing we work very hard to live up to our Motto...
~Building The Team To Achieve The Dream~
Thank you Dear Readers for coming here and sharing in our dream.


Roseanne Dowell said...

Great job, Lin. The cover looks terrific as usual.

JerryR said...

Another good job Lin. D.S. did a fab job on the cover. Never knew Amy used a pen name for her Muse books.

Cannot wait to see how my stationary whatchama call it trailer will look like.

festival8 said...

Jerry, for my erotica novels I do use a pen name, for my mainstream books I use my real name Amy.