Lins Fire Brand

Lins Fire Brand

Sunday, March 27, 2011


What is it about ancient mythology

 and the really crappy way

the goddesses are represented?

I mean HELLO...

have you seen Hera...Even in her statue form...she is jaw the flesh...

she's a freaking GODDESS...

both in reality AND in looks...

she's also a QUEEN...

I mean what masculine driven upright would not want this stunner

in his life?

Yet Zeus the king of all things Greek Pantheon, acts like she looks like

Olive Oyl after a runaway train has redesigned her kisser. Can you imagine?

I seriously begin to think the gods, especially

Mr. "I Am Going To Sit On My Butt And Collect The Slave Labor off My Offspring Among The Pathetic Humans"

Zeus, have been doing too much

ambrosia! Seriously, whatever is in THEIR version ain't


Given how blinded by his own

lightning bolts

Zeus must be is it any wonder after all these centuries Hera has had enough. (I'm not exactly sure how the gods procure

divorces, but trust me, Hera is not the ONLY

ex-wife zip-zapping away up there in the rarified air around Mount Olympus.)

Peacocks...given Zeus' high opinion of his own splendor, is it any wonder the QUEEN of the gods

would choose the most spectacular representative of male birds? (No cock jokes please!)

Divorce has allowed Hera to finally free herself from her lying ex and emerge from the shadows of her alleged nastiness. I mean comeon...she's the goddess

of childbirth but supposedly was so ticked off by Hercules' mother getting pregnant

she spent his entire growing years trying

to kill him AND eventually DID kill his wife and children?

She's the freaking goddess of childbirth! Why would she turn around and kill the children her god powers are supposed to protect?

Especially when you consider how many times

Zeus horn-dogged on her and with how many women. Have you ever done a head count of how many little Zeusers are running around?

Trust me, it's a lot.

So now that Zeus is up there with his feet up, his majestic hand on the Olympian remote and his eyes glued to the reality show

"BE THE NEXT PORN HONEY", Hera, her divorce papers in her hand, is free to come

down to earth, as commanded, start up her own

midwifery practice and leave

Zeus drooling over the woman advertising herself as having the foot long clit. (They're actually going to measure the damned thing on next week's show!)

So here she is, the Queen,, she does NOT lose her position just because of a little thing like a divorce...happy for the first time in eons...when in walks a very pregant woman...and Oh My God...

What does Hera see? Her brand of Heaven?

I can't tell you! You'll have to keep checking back...just in case I can slip away from author

Kat Holmes long enough to give you some clues about Book Two in her Gods At Work Series, brilliantly entitled

HEART OF THE QUEEN releasing from Muse It Hot Publishing in August 2011.

I know that seems like a really long time to wait, but you're in luck. Book One,

WORKING UNDER COVERS, Aphrodite's story will release in JUST two months and four days...mark your calendars. Trust me you do NOT want to miss these two books...

Okay come closer, Kat slipped away.


(Hades Story) will be out in January 2012


(Poseidon's story) will be out in April 2012

Book Five, DANCES AT DAWN ( Apollo's story) will be out in August 2012

Oops...she's back. Trust me there's more so keep checking back

Muse It Hot Publishing...where hot is what the GODS AT WORK gives you over and over and over...with NO END in sight.

The Gods At Work Series is the creation of multi-talented, Best Selling Author,

Kat Holmes and exclusively released by


Muse Publishing, Inc,

Where we are


And Boy, oh boy, what a dream it is.


Kat said...

I absolutely love it.:-)

lionmother said...

Loved the blog and the cover is so beautiful. It's exquisite!!!

Kat said...

Thanks Barbara. I love what Delilah did with the cover.:-)

Ginger Simpson said...

Awesome, as usual. Like the Oracle. :)

Lin said...

Thanks all. Jim bestowed upon me the rite to pontificate more oracle-ey.