Lins Fire Brand

Lins Fire Brand

Wednesday, March 9, 2011



is coming. Book One in

Kat Holmes' and her familiar, Mama Bear's new

HEKATE'S WEB series was JUST contracted by

MUSE IT HOT Publishing for release in June 2012.

I know, I know, that's a LOONNNGGG time off, but don't fret. I'm about to give you a sneak peek.

Lilith attended her brother's wedding that day, never knowing that her favorite goddess,
Hekate, had some heavy duty plans for her.

Her brother, a staunch bible beater, torments his sister because of her

PAGAN beliefs, but she clings to what feels right to her.

The wedding, an open air event at of all the non-bible-beating places you can imagine,

THE REN-FAIRE, Lilith gave in to the call we all recognize,

of nature.

Little did she know that call she was being lured into included a web she would never be able to escape from.

She awoke on the dark side,

bloodlust tearing

at her very core. How was she to survive in a world filled with

demons, and, gulp,

other vampires?

The pain of feeding rips through her mind. She never wanted to be

a beast, and she would not, not just COULD not, live this way.

The rays of the sun offered surcease...until

Hekate appears, calling her to become her

daughter...a daughter of the night.

Can Lilith comply?


by Kat Holmes and Mama Bear,

Book One in their Hekate's Web Series is coming.

Between now and then, keep checking here for more clues about this one-of-a-kind vampiress.


JerryR said...

Linn, you did another great job here.

And congrats to Kat's new contract. Jerry

Kat said...

Thanks Mom it's stunning. And thanks Jerry. I just love vampires.:-)

lionmother said...

Wow, Lin!!! I didn't even miss a cover, since your pictures were so paired to the book's story. I am wondering how she became a vampire. Congratulations, Kat!!!

Kat said...

It's a surprise Barbara.:-) You'll have to read the story.

Lin said...

Jerry, you are such a sweetheart. Thank you for your encouragment. You keep this blogger's heart filled with joy. Barbara, this is only the FIRST sneal peek. There will be more in the months to come. Lilith has a lot she wants to share before her story is released. And Kat...Sweetie, I love you and your storytelling voice/ I only wish you'd had the same opportunity to sit at Nonnie's feet and bask in HER storytelling voice....but I know she is up there smiling proudly down on both of us. Through us, her legacy is continuing.

Anonymous said...

Hey you two lovely ladies - excellent presentation - congratulations on your next contract Kat. I'm excited about the vampire series - I love paranormal. Looking forward to reading another of your books.

Kat said...

Thanks Kay. I love paranormal too and really love vampires.:-)