Lins Fire Brand

Lins Fire Brand

Sunday, February 27, 2011


My name

 is Spatz, and I am the real brain behind everything L.J. Holmes writes.

What? You don't believe me? Listen up until I came into her life, she didn't have a story-telling-bone

in her entire body.

I know, you think she got it back when she was a kid, but that's NOT true. Back then she was a GREAT story-READER. She's already told you how she'd save up her money and rush every month to the teeny bookstore to buy Nancy Drew Books, and then lose herself in the trials of Nancy and her two best friends, Bess and George...and by the way, what's that all about?

Didn't the original Carolyn Keene know "George" is a BOY'S name? She got the "NED" thing right since Ned IS the name of a boy, and Ned IS Nancy's on-again-off-again boyfriend...But GEORGE?

MEOW!!! I suppose, given the right frame of mind, it COULD be a nickname for GEORGINA, but that is never mentioned...only that she's lankier than the more...mmmrrrrmmmppphhh...padded Bess.

I can see your eyebrow lifting as you ruminate over my name. Spatz is a type of shoe, and I, quite obviously

 am NOT a shoe...but Spatz is also definitive of elegance. The shoes that bore my magnificent name back in the day, were really quite spectacular, as am I.

Let's, for the sake of expedience, just acknowledge that my name signifies elegance and I am most assuredly, elegant.

Now that we have put that issue to rest, let me tell you why I am here. I am the REAL star of the story

IN FROM THE COLD coming out in June, ghost written, on my behalf...we cats do not do well penning our own stories using fingers, you know.

IN FROM THE COLD is in reality a story about my own trials and tribulations living with my cute, but angst ridden pet, Mari Donovan.
Back to Mari...

I am Mari's secret psycho-therapist. Without me that woman would be living in a room where she'd be bouncing off the walls. I kid you not!

I keep her grounded...most of the time...she does, every so often, slip beyond the grasp of even MY calming effects.

I have told L.J. Holmes many times ALL the stories coming out of our Nudge, (that's what we have named our inner story-teller), need to be told solely, as in EXCLUSIVELY from the felinius point of view.

What do you mean "felinius" is NOT a word? Maybe not in your HUMAN vocabulary, but I am, need I remind you,

a superior cat. My ancestry dates back long before the first human began walking upright.

 Egyptians realized early on that we cats are without question,

GODS who can even masquerade as humans, if we choose to, which of course we rarely do! Gods don't need to "fake-it!"

Mari truly needs my help, not just in keeping from that bouncy room, but in facing the day-to-day stuff that wears you humans to a frazzle. Personally I don't think you

nap anywhere near enough. Meet my sister, Mama Bear. She has refined the art of napping nicely, dontcha think?

If you just followed OUR lead...but for reasons I have never quite figured out, you all think WE are lazy!

Oh you are SOOOO wrong. We are not snoozing for snoozing's sake. While we might have shut our almond shaped eyes, we are busily engaging our brains with the next tale we will allow you to ghost write for us.

Now you Know the unvarnished truth. I hope you are properly awed.


Kat said...

Spatz is awesome.:-)

Glenn Kleier said...

Spatz and Mama Bear are indeed in charge, and I am duly awed. They must be taskmasters, 'cause you guys sure crank out the writing! By measure, I should get a couple lions to rule me!
Thanks for the laughs!
Love ya,

Lin said...

I do so love you both. Thanks Kat and Glenn.