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Lins Fire Brand

Saturday, February 26, 2011


I must post a disclaimer...I am

Kat's MOTHER...does that make me partial? ABSOLUTELY. Does it make me capable of lying on her behalf? DUHHHH!

But am I?


Kat Holmes is my monstrously talented daughter, and she is a


What does that mean? It means there isn't any question you can pose to Kat about

the Greek gods, even the most obscure of them, that she won't know the answer to.

History lesson...Kat's brother, Chris, is a Japanese-o-phial...sorta. Chris grabbed books from the library when he was about ten and taught himself to read, write, and speak fluid Japanese. He also graduated from the forms of Martial Arts typically taught in American dojos at about the same time.

Today he is a seventh degree black-belt in a discipline that is so ancient he actually has to GO to Japan for his belt level increases. No one in the world outside of the MASTER has the knowledge to test.

Just as Chris took to this ancient form of Japan's rich and sometimes scary past,

Kat took to the Greek gods.

We recently guested on Muse Author

Barbara Ehrentreu's Blog Talk Radio


show, where Barbara asked Kat about her soon to be released series, THE GODS AT WORK.

Glenn Kleier wrote about the return of Jesus to the world. Kat writes about the return of the Greek gods, but in a completely unique way.

Kat decided that given the current state of the  World's economy, the gods up there wallowing around

Mount Olympus must also be feeling the crunch, but she doubts

Zeus would feel it's his place to fatten up his bottom line. Sometimes being the KING of all the gods gives you power to command your godly family to...well, putting it mildly...get to work!

How many of you out there are parents of adult children who spend their days with their feet up, the remote control clicking away in their hands, and the bottoms of their feet growing more than a few

dust bunnies?

You can understand Zeus' edict.

Go down to earth and find jobs, he orders, NOW!

Because they are all god-spawns, they have one huge advantage over you and me...they have their super-powers.

Kat began her series with Aphrodite.

She's the goddess of love, as we all know, and she's smarter than the average bear,

to quote Yogi. How many of you have seen those ads on TV for places like MATCH.COM? Who hasn't right?

How do you assure an even higher rate of success than those places claim? You come to earth, the embodiment of Aphrodite percolating inside you, and open up your very own

computer dating service.

Of course no one is to know who you REALLY are, but hey, it has to be gratifying to find you are using your god-skills and, incredibly enough, making Olympic money at it. The title of this book is

WORKING UNDER COVERS and will debut from Muse It Hot in June 2011.

Hera, the Queen of the Gods...

...what do you do for her? Kat has always felt she was abused by history, and Zeus. She can also tell you every one of Hera's super-human powers, but the one that called to her most had to do with Hera being the goddess of Childbirth.

Midwifery has been part of the human condition, no doubt since before the cave dwellers. Being a powerful goddess, Hera can bring more ease and comfort to the highs and lows of labor, and without needing any drugs.

I can tell you, honestly, I would have been in heaven if I'd had Hera at my side when I gave birth to my two. 39 hours of unaided...NATURAL...labor with

my son...

and 14 hours of INDUCED labor with

my daughter.

This second volume in the Gods at Work series has an ingenious title...HEART OF THE QUEEN and is going to release in August, 2011.

Hades is not under Zeus' command. Zeus rules up there, and Hades commands...well down there. He is Lord of the Underworld, but he also works with the world's gems. Hades sees how happy his niece and former sister-in-law...(yes Zeus and Hera are  divorced)...are living on earth and operating their own businesses. Eternity is a lonnnngg time to suffer from ennui. Hades creates his own jewelry design company. And he is GOOOOD! So good I can picture every marketing firm in the Universe wanting to coax Hades their way.

Hades' story IN DEATH'S ARMS will release in January 2012.

That's three so far...right?

Poseidon rules the waters, and opens a business that uses waters for in a pool club, plus offers hydrotherapy to those in need, his favorite part of the business.

I am going to include an aside here...oh holy Poseidon, what he can do with the fingers of

the ocean whole new meaning to the concept of foreplay.

CRIMSON WATERS, Poseidon's story releases in April 2012.

Four down...any idea how many gods there are? Do you know how many of the LESSER gods there are? I assure you Kat knows.

Book Five...Apollo. He opens up his own dance studio. What? You didn't know he was god of more than zipping across the sky in his chariot? What do you think the odds are of the Russian Ballet continuing to be the dance-world's standard once Apollo takes up the plies and arabesque's? 

DANCES AT DAWN will release in August 2012.

I know who the very next god will be and the one after that. Kat has already told me, but I'm not telling you. You'll have to wait.


All I will tell you is that each book is brilliant, because Kat's knowledge is brilliant. She takes what is known, explores what is obscure and gives us breathtaking tales of modern immortality and so much more.


lionmother said...

Once again this is an excellent post. I was surprised to see my face here and thank you for the mention.:) I did love having you both on the show. Seeing the covers and the stories together make these books almost irresistible for me.:)

Kat said...

I know too, since I write them, who the next two will be about. In fact I'm starting book 6 tomorrow.:-)