Lins Fire Brand

Lins Fire Brand

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Creatures Of Halloween

Well, it's officially October. And with October comes Halloween, when all the ghouls and goblins come out to play. We get vampires.

And demented pumpkins.

And for me, it's the vampires. Lets face it, we all love those long-lived, tormented souls who just happen to have really decent teeth, especially fangs. Ok, yes they drink blood. And yes, they could kill you without breaking a sweat. But that's part of the appeal.

They've lived hundreds, sometimes thousands of years. They've seen the world change and fought in more wars than they can count. And most of them are tired and just a little cynical about the world.

After years and years of being alone, doing whatever they want, and developing a deep boredom with the world in general they all of a sudden get kicked upside the head by meeting that one special woman who makes their undead lives worth living again.

I have loved vampire stories since I was a kid. I guess that's why I decided to write my own series about vamps, my rules, my world, my mythology. And I could make anything I want happen with creatures I have been intrigued by for years. Thus the Hekate's Web series was born.

Book one is called Hidden and introduces everyone to my vampire world with its two warring factions. And my heroine is totally kick-ass.:-) I love a woman who can kick a man's backside, especially when he believes he can't be bested.

Hidden released last year from Muse It Up Publishing. And now, the sequel is about to release. Next month to be exact and I am so looking forward to its release. Seeker is Atu's story. He's the top general in the hero vamps army and is the first vampire the king of the vamps ever made.

Atu isn't tormented. He loves being a vampire. In his opinion his life is just perfect. In fact he doesn't believe any woman can ever measure up to the wife he loved before he became undead. Isn't that just the thing guaranteed to make life take a slap at you?:-)

Edeline is nothing like any woman he's ever met and to be honest, he doesn't like her. She's thin, frail, and just a tad spooky. She's not at all what he wants in a woman, or so he thinks. But they've been thrown together on a quest to save the world. And difficult circumstances are just what are often needed to break through personal predjudices.

Edeline is just what Atu needs, but quests always demand high prices. This one will prove to be exceptionally high.

Seeker is releasing in November from Muse It Up Publishing. It's book 2 in the Hekate's Web series and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it. I had a blast with this book.


Penny's Tales said...

Great post, Kat. I haven't read either of these books, but that is something I plan to remedy. What fabulous covers also!

margaret mendel said...

The scariest movie I have ever, ever, ever seen was a Mexican vampire movie in the 60's. I was crawling up the back of my seat thinking that the vampires were coming to get me. I certainly have to check out this Atu fella. Sounds like a really fascinating read!!

Kat Holmes said...

Thanks ladies. And yes Penny, I love the covers. Hidden was done by Delilah K. Stephans and Suzi Safi did Seeker.

N.J.Walters said...

Love the covers for both books!

Kat Holmes said...

Thanks N.J.:-)

Victoria Roder said...

Can't wait to read this. I love a woman that can handle her own with a man!

Lin said...

I'm a little late for the party, Kat. Hope you'll forgive me.

I LOVE this series. Darling Daughter, you're mind amazes me.

Atu is...I wanted to smack him, and that's good writing.