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Lins Fire Brand

Sunday, October 30, 2011



Sounds like a phone, right? And it is!

The phone,

Alexander Graham Bell's most notorious invention and something we cannot exist in today's world without.

A's innocuous...right? Usually!

Phaia has more than one phone line in her home. One is know, the one we all use to live our day-to-day lives...One is not. It's a

dedicated line for her off-the-grid business.

Phaia is a single mom with a daughter brighter than the average genius who's been accepted

at one of the most prestigious and costly universities in the country.

Phaia's day job earns her too much money to be entitled to tuition assistance, but there are ways for a brilliant mom to make money, during the evening hours, with a dedicated phone line...and

an imagination most men find impossible not to get all hot and bothered over.

All is going along as Phaia planned, until her next door neighbor, a hunkier than any man should be, and far too young for the fantasies Phaia spins around him, knocks on her door,

identifies himself as a cop.

There with his partner, they are after a murderer stalking women using the phone to stir the passionate juices of their callers...and Phaia is on the murderers


Will they catch the murderer before he strikes again, and will Phaia be able to keep her hands off the stud she's been drooling over for months now that he's right here, in her house, this close to her intensifying hungers?

Dangerous Voice by Kat Holmes, cover by the masterful Queen Goddess

Cover Artist Delilah K. Stephans, at

Muse It Up Publishing, Inc., is coming soon...very soon to the

Muse It Hot soon? How's November sound to you?

In the meantime, follow Kat Holmes

 at her WEBSITE, BLOG, and Muse It Hot AUTHOR'S PAGE for up-to-date details about Dangerous Voice and all Kat's other BEST SELLING tales of

derring-do and

passion too.


Kat said...

Thanks Mom I LOVE this.:-)

N.J.Walters said...

Great job, as always, Lin. And congrats, Kat, on your upcoming release. The cover is wonderful!

Kat said...

Thanks N.J. I love this cover.:-)

gail roughton branan said...

Oh, Kat! That sounds awesome and your great cover further enhances it! Lin, fabulous trailer, just perfect for the plot. Y'all please rest this week, okay? Love!

Heather Haven said...

Love this pic trailer and love the premise of the book. Congrats on another apparent winner! Geat new logo, too, Kat!

Kaye Manro said...

I love the way Lin set this one up, Kat. This is one of those cool stories not to be missed!

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