Lins Fire Brand

Lins Fire Brand

Thursday, June 16, 2011


My name is Ambreton Nightshade and I am the star of L.J. Holmes' upcoming book


I've been immortal all my life, and am extremely good at what I do.

After all, it's what I was created for over 950 years ago.

But the whole family

is weird and things are getting weirder by the moment.

Wanna see some more of the family?

Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Can you guess who they are to me?


Then I guess you'll have to wait until the October 2011 release of my story SUC-U from

Muse It Hot...Where

spice makes your

blood sizzle

Oh okay I will give you

a hint...several of my family members won't debut until the

sequel...still being written SUC-U-TOO.

That last family member with the long wavy red hair is my distant cousin...whom I think is maybe twice my age. (We age well, don't we?)

Bal Buster is her name. (Isn't that a GREAT name for a Suc?)

Till then you can follow L.J. Holmes at her Author's Platform Blog

Or on her Face Book Page

If you're really feeling daring and very lucky since Lin does not understand it yet, you can check out her TWITTER account too!/AuthorLinHolmes

or e-mail her at

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